Day: March 12, 2013

LISTEN: Notre Dame Professors Create Spotify Playlist for the Papal Conclave


Those tuning in to follow the conclave convening today in the Sistine Chapel to elect a new Pope may also want to tune in to this Spotify playlist created in honor of the secret meeting.

The music streaming service teamed up with the University of Notre Dame’s Center for Liturgy to compile a lineup in celebration of the historic event. Tim O’Malley, the Center’s director, and Carolyn Pirtle, the assistant director, curated a list of religious songs, hymns and choral music available on the site’s catalog under a playlist entitled “Conclave: Institute for Church Life,” according to a Spotify press release. The compilation includes 29 tracks to help you select the perfect one to play when white smoke rises over St. Peter’s Square.

(PHOTOS: Photos: Pope Benedict XVI’s Final General Audience)

In describing his selection, O’Malley said in the statement:

The playlist consists of motifs central…

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You Can’t Have Beer for Breakfast! Oh, Wait


It’s happy hour somewhere, right?

A Scottish brewery wants customers to pair its latest drink with their morning meal. Earlier this year, Black Isle Brewery released Cold Turkey — a rich beer with a malty coffee base and hints of berries and grapefruit. With oats, barley and wheat, the amber ale “has all the malty taste of multigrain cereal,” Black Isle said on its website.

(LIST: We Tried These: Mountain Dew Kickstart and Other Morning Beverages)

At 2.8% alcohol by volume, a pint or two of Cold Turkey won’t give you the spins with your morning cereal. But in a country where drinking is prevalent (Scotland has the eighth highest alcohol-consumption level in the world), some Scots are concerned the move will promote alcoholism. Richard Burkitt, director of For the Right Reasons, a Scottish charity that helps people overcome drinking problems, told the Scotsman that the beer sends…

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“He said the prayer, that’s enough.”

Thinking Out Loud

Altar Call 1

The sinner’s prayer produces false converts.

I was going to use this as an item in tomorrow’s link list, but it truly deserves a much larger audience. This appeared at Arminian Today.

I remember once attending a Baptist church with a buddy of mine.  At the end of the meeting, the Baptist preacher gave a typical, “bow your head and close your eyes” type of altar call in which he asked people to “accept Christ into your heart today, before it’s too late.”  A young teenager “came forward to receive Christ.”  The preacher spoke to the lad, prayed with him, and then announced that the teenager was saved and was a candidate for baptism to which they had a quick congregational vote on the matter and a man raised his hand to second the pastor’s vote for the teen’s baptism.  They then asked us to come up and shake…

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Reading While Eating for Mar. 12: The Vatican’s Next Top Cardinal


Conclave Begins Today. As usual, white smoke will indicate that a new pope has been elected, while black smoke means that everyone can stop staring at the Vatican chimney for a few hours. A decision is expected by week’s end. (The New York Times)

Betting Odds on the Next Pope. Archbishop Angelo Scola of Italy, once considered the favorite, has fallen behind Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana. Oh, and if you’re in the U.S., this infographic is for entertainment purposes only—betting on Benedict’s successor is illegal because the process is considered an election. (Popular Science)

Popeology 101: How to Interpret the Sistine Chapel Results. As usual, if Dennis Rodman is elected, the apocalypse is near and you should begin stocking up on bottled water and canned goods. (

Darth Vader Spotted in Australia. In Canberra, to be precise. The Vatican has yet…

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Dennis Rodman, with a Penchant for Diplomacy, Plans Vacations to the Vatican and North Korea


Fresh off his “basketball diplomacy” mission to North Korea, Dennis Rodman seems committed to continuing his journey of offbeat trips. After taking in a basketball game and copious partying with North Korea’s Supreme Leader, he’s reportedly planning a meet-and-greet with another major international figure: the pope.

The NBA Hall of Fame star seems bent on spreading his “peace-making” skills across the world, and with all eyes currently on the Vatican, Rodman has apparently figured he should inject himself into the conversation — in his typical over-exaggerated style, of course. According to the Associated Press, Rodman is planning to arrive in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday. And he won’t make a quiet entrance — he’ll be riding in a makeshift popemobile and launching a campaign for Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to be elected as the first black pope.

And after his whirlwind trip to Rome, Rodman won’t be…

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Clay found on Mars

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