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“The Irish Tenors – Danny Boy”


Today in History, March 16



Source: U.S.-trained rebels return to Syria

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The first Syrian rebels trained by U.S. military and intelligence officers in Jordan returned to Syria on Thursday, a senior rebel spokesman told CNN.

About 300 rebel fighters received specialized training in Jordan in the use of various weapons, including anti-tank, anti-aircraft and other types of advanced systems, the spokesman said.

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CDC: Man died of rabies from transplant

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A Maryland man recently died of rabies that he contracted from a tainted organ he received in a transplant operation more than a year ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

Health care teams are now giving anti-rabies shots to three other patients who received organs from the same donor as the Maryland man, the CDC said.

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ePad Femme: Finally, a Tablet For Women. (Insert Sexist Joke Here)


Women everywhere, rejoice!  No longer must we rely on males to download apps for our digital tablets. Middle East-based manufacturer Eurostar has created a female-targeted ePad that comes pre-loaded with everything a girl could need: apps for yoga, cooking and weight loss. We would make a sexism joke here, but we really don’t have to.

Unfortunately, a joke this product is not. The tablet, being billed as “the world’s first tablet exclusively for women,” according to the Jerusalem Post, is aimed at providing the fairer sex with a convenient way of accessing apps without the burden of having to choose and download– because downloading apps is such an inconvenience. And for that matter everybody knows we only care about, you know, women stuff.

(MORE: Bic Creates Pens ‘For Her’: Amazon Reviewers Turn on the Snark)

The $190, 8-inch touch-screen tablet runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream…

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WATCH: White Lion Cub and Cute Dog Become BFFs


An Australian zoo is home to a couple of pals that clearly have never heard the old adage about cats and dogs.

Honey the dog and Kwanza the white lion cub have become best friends at Darling Downs Zoo in Pilton, Queensland, as is apparent in a new video of the frolicking pair posted online.

(WATCH: Baby Meerkats and Tigers, Oh My!)

The odd couple first bonded when Kwanza’s mother stopped producing milk and so workers at the zoo had to step in and feed him. Honey took an immediate interest and they soon became inseparable, reports Yahoo News.

The clip shows the mismatched duo playing with each other with Honey tending to dominate her younger feline friend. Kwanza, in turn, doesn’t appear troubled by the good-natured roughhousing — in just a few years time he will weigh around 400 pounds and have no natural predators…

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London Rail Workers Find Likely Plague Burial Pit

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