WATCH: White Lion Cub and Cute Dog Become BFFs


An Australian zoo is home to a couple of pals that clearly have never heard the old adage about cats and dogs.

Honey the dog and Kwanza the white lion cub have become best friends at Darling Downs Zoo in Pilton, Queensland, as is apparent in a new video of the frolicking pair posted online.

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The odd couple first bonded when Kwanza’s mother stopped producing milk and so workers at the zoo had to step in and feed him. Honey took an immediate interest and they soon became inseparable, reports Yahoo News.

The clip shows the mismatched duo playing with each other with Honey tending to dominate her younger feline friend. Kwanza, in turn, doesn’t appear troubled by the good-natured roughhousing — in just a few years time he will weigh around 400 pounds and have no natural predators…

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