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Each Sunday morning I watch “Jack Van Impe Presents.”  Dr. Van Impe has had a colorful past.  His 30 minute program feature news headlines that concern religion ans especially world news reports that witness the signs in THE BIBLE that forecast the soon return of Jesus Christ:  The Rapture.  Dr. Van Impe and his wife, who is co-host, are both “conservative” and very anti-Obama.  They ask the question, ‘Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ.”  I have to overlook their politics and remember that this man has memorized over 10,000 Bible verses and says God is using him as a prophet. One has to respect him.

Dr. Van Impe testifies that we are in the ‘End of Days’ and that we should be looking for the signs that Jesus Christ told us to look for which would signal His return…and The Rapture.  I have sorted out all the facts and the timeline of events as Dr. Van Impe testifies,  but, he does say that the world will be ruled by one powerful leader who will be in league with Satan.  He will organize World War III which will be a nuclear attack on Israel.  Russia, Iran, China, etc. will all be allies to exterminate the Jews in Israel which God will send Jesus to prevent and end history as we know it. [I hope I have not misinterpreted what has been on “Jack Van Impe Presents,” which is the name of the weekly TV program.

Jack Van Impe — The Next Pope and Armageddon

While I try to understand the information presented, I remember that Christ said that in the End of Days there will be false prophets. I try to prove for myself what I believe might be true and what might be Satan’s propaganda.  Dr. Van Impe just revealed a forecast that Pope Francis will be the last Pope and the one who will preside over Armageddon.   Most of us went to Sunday school as children, but, do you still believe in and worship the Lord God, Jehovah?  He sent his Son, Jesus, to earth to die for our sins which reconciles man to God.  All we have to do is confess our sins and accept Jesus as our Personal Savior.  I hope this post has piqued your curiosity and that you seek knowledge and salvation.  I write because Jesus told us to “spread the Gospel, the Good News.”  Heavenly Father, this is my witness.  —GoodOleWoody

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