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Boston, MA…West, TX…God Moves in mysterious ways his miracles to perform

In the recent past  we have seen calamitous events which have included the death of innocents.  We wonder why.  Why does God allow such misery.  Our human experience provides no answers.  Some ask, “Does God really exist?”  Others are steeled by their faith God and His Bible.  God has a plan for each of us which is beyond our understanding.  Gods plans have been being fulfilled for millions of years.  We must pray, worship God, make His Son, Jesus, our personal savior and look for that glorious day when Jesus will return and shout, “Come up!” waking the dead in Christ and raise them and the living church to Heaven. Jesus said that no one but, the Father knows the hour of His return. O Happy Day!   —GoodOleWoody

Barnes’ Notes on the Bible

Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself – That is, that hidest thy counsels and plans. The idea is, that the ways of God seems to be dark until the distant event discloses his purpose; that a long series of mysterious events seem to succeed each other, trying to the faith of his people, and where the reason of his doings cannot be seen. The remark here seems to be made by the prophet, in view of the fact, that the dealings of God with his people in their long and painful exile would be to them inscrutable, but that a future glorious manifestation would disclose the nature of his designs, and make his purposes known (see Isaiah 55:8-9): ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways’ (compare Psalm 44:24; the notes at Isaiah 8:17).

The Saviour – Still the Saviour of his people, though his ways are mysterious and the reasons of his dealings are unknown. The Septuagint renders this, ‘For thou art God, though we did not know it, O God of Israel the Saviour.’ This verse teaches us that we should not repine or complain under the mysterious allotments of Providence. They may be dark now. But in due time they will be disclosed, and we shall be permitted to see his design, and to witness results so glorious, as shall satisfy us that his ways are all just, and his dealings right.


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