North Korean Amusement Park To Feature Big Ben and Eiffel Tower


North Korea is planning on building a replica of Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower in a miniature theme park scheduled to open in the capital later this year.

Last year, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un vowed to bring to an end decades of austerity and hardship with the slogan: “No More Belt-Tightening,” despite reports of mass starvation across the country. To that end, the country has kick-started a construction boom that has transformed Changjon street, in downtown Pyongyang and introduced such luxuries as cappuccinos, facials and tanning booths to the upper classes of North Korea. In addition to gussying up the shopping district, plans for Pyongyang also include a “miniature world” park, which will also boast a replica of London’s Big Ben clock tower and Paris’ Eiffel Tower. The theme park is slated to open later this year, according to the Associated Press, the only Western news organization allowed…

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