“Eating boogers may boost immunity, scientist suspects”

Nose-picking in progress.
Nose-picking in progress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parents, next time you see your child picking his or her nose you may want to fight the urge to scream “stop!”. A Canadian biochemist is making waves with a new theory that picking your nose — and eating it — may be an evolutionarily-backed way to boost your immune system’s protective powers.

And, he hopes to conduct a study to prove it, CBC News in Canada reports.

Scott Napper, an associate professor of biochemistry at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada, told CTV News in Saskatoon that he proposed this theory one day while teaching a classroom full of bored college students.

He said almost all kids try to taste things that come out of their noses, and its possible nature is trying to push them to adopt this behavior.

“I got their attention by saying that’s why snot tastes so sweet. And a lot of them were nodding along like they agreed, but not really realizing what they had acknowledged,” he told the station, laughing.