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Brooke Baldwin takes a look back at May 3, 2010 when an arrest was made in a failed bombing attempt on Times Square.

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“The Flip Wilson Show – Geraldine Jones, Joe Namath & George Carlin”


“The Devil made  me do it,” said Miss Geraldine Jones.



Boston Bomber Accomplices

“Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and three friends urgently decide to watch a movie after the terrorist attack. (02:51)”




“Same-sex marriage becomes legal in Rhode Island”



PROVIDENCE, R.I.Rhode Island on Thursday became the nation’s 10th state to allow gay and lesbian couples to wed, as a 16-year effort to extend marriage rights in this heavily Roman Catholic state ended with the triumphant cheers of hundreds of gays, lesbians, their families and friends.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee signed the bill into law on the Statehouse steps Thursday evening following a final 56-15 vote in the House. The first weddings will take place Aug. 1, when the law takes effect.

“I’ve been waiting 32 years for this day, and I never thought it would come in my lifetime,” said Raymond Beausejour, a 66-year-old gay North Providence man who has been with his partner for 32 years. “For the first time in my life, I feel welcome in my own state.”

After Chafee signed the bill, the hundreds of people who gathered on the Statehouse grounds erupted into cheers as a chorus sang “Chapel of Love.”

“Now, at long last, you are free to marry the person that you love,” Chafee told the crowd.


Survey: Fast Food Makes Up 54% of Restaurant Sales in France


Perhaps it’s time to start calling “freedom fries” French again. According to a recent survey on restaurants, the French prefer fast food to their fine cuisine.

As NPR reports, food consultancy firm Gira Conseil conducted its annual survey on restaurant spending in France and found that 54% of total sales belong to the likes of McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway. The new fan favorite increased 14% in consumption in the past year, shattering any notion that the French, known for world famous chefs and sophisticated palates, look down on the cheap and easy alternative to traditional restaurant dining.

(MORE: Oh la Vache! Burger King Returns to France)

McDonald’s racks up more than 1,200 locations in France, Subway has opened hundreds of stores in the past 10 years and Burger King, which shuttered its French locations 16 years ago, recently returned to the market.

But some…

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Tumblr of the Week: What if Superheroes Like Superman and Batman Texted?


In the spirit of comic book geekery — and in view of Iron Man 3‘s arrival yesterday to mostly critical acclaim — meet Texts from Superheroes, a Tumblr devoted to the SMS exploits of spandex-attired demigods. Who knew warrantless wiretapping could pay such dividends?

(MORE: Employees Get Tattoo of Company Logo For Pay Raise)

Take this exchange between The Caped Crusader and Big Blue:

Batman: “Why do you always change in a phone booth?”

Superman: “I like them. A blue one showed up on Krypton once. My father said it’s where heroes come from.”

Batman: “Was it bigger on the inside?”

Superman: “YES! I think my pediatrician owned it. He’s the one who told Jor-El to send me to Earth. He said that being the last makes us stronger.”

Batman: “I’m familiar with The Doctor. I’m surprised he didn’t save Krypton.”

The Doctor: “Fixed point…

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Video Shows Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest in Atlanta

“Chris L. Hayes: We need to talk about gun culture.”

Caroline Starks, Burkesville, Kentucky: 5-year-old boy fatally shoots 2-year-old sister

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