“Letterman Mocks Kelly Ayotte”


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English: Portrait of United States Senator Kel...
English: Portrait of United States Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you see Kelly Ayotte at her town hall meetings? She has all the charm and warmth of…an ice cube…or Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the Senate.  Kelly showed her constituents what it is to be a GOP Lemming.  When they asked her,  “What is so wrong with universal background checks,”  Senator Ayotte regurgitated the script that all Republican stooges have memorized invoking current laws and mental health concerns. [Gun control advocates are not for creating a national gun registry.]  As is typical with Republican critics of new gun control legislation, Ayotte offered nothing new to the national conversation.  Heretofore, I thought of  Kelly as a backdrop to male GOP colleagues when they speak on TV.  It is too bad our Forefathers did not give us the option of recalling politicians who ignore the will of 90% of the people.  😦       —GoodOleWoody