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Darrell Issa’s Circus Comes to Town – Cartoon #5


Darrell Issa’s Circus Comes to Town – Cartoon #4


Darrell Issa’s Circus Comes to Town – Cartoon #3


Darrell Issa’s Circus Comes to Town – Cartoon #2

Star of today's circus in Oversight Committee

Star of today’s circus in Oversight Committee

“Fox News Mocks MSNBC’s New ‘Lean Forward’ Campaign”


Darrell Issa’s Circus Comes to Town – Cartoon #1

Darrell Issa,Chairman, US House Oversight Committee

Darrell Issa,Chairman, US House Oversight Committee


Cervelli has stitches removed from right hand

By Adam Berry / MLB.com | 05/07/2013 4:02 PM ET

TAMPA, Fla. — When the Yankees placed Francisco Cervelli on the disabled list, they estimated he’d need a minimum of six weeks to recover. In reality, Cervelli said Tuesday, it could be another five weeks before he even begins baseball activities.

Cervelli had the stitches taken out of his fractured right hand Tuesday. He said he’ll need to wear a cast for the next three weeks, and only then, depending on how he feels, can he start throwing, hitting and so on.

“There’s not much I can do right now, but I feel very good,” Cervelli said. “Every day is better.”

For now, Cervelli is just getting through the early stages of his rehab, riding a stationary bike and doing leg and core exercises to stay in shape while he’s sidelined.

Cervelli’s was injured on April 26 and immediately knew his hand was broken when it was clipped by a foul tip off the bat of Toronto’s Rajai Davis. That left Cervelli with nothing to do but recover in Tampa, joining the many other injured Yankees at the club’s Minor League complex.

“It’s sad in some part, because we’ve been part of the team and everybody knows what we can do. But everyone’s ready to go,” Cervelli said. “And I could be the catcher on this team — because we’ve got a team here.

“The guys who are playing right now are doing a great job. When we have the chance to go back, we’ll be better.”



“New York to sue major banks over mortgage settlement”



2:40 PM on 05/06/2013

The state of New York will sue Bank of America and Wells Fargo for allegedly violating the terms of a massive settlement between five major banks and 49 state attorneys general.

New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made the announcement Monday.

“Wells Fargo and Bank of America have flagrantly violated those obligations, putting hundreds of homeowners across New York at greater risk of foreclosure,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “I intend to use every tool available to my office to hold these companies accountable under the terms of the National Mortgage Settlement.”


Tune in to MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes Monday at 8 p.m. EST to see an exclusive interview with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.



Congress must ignore Secretary of Defense Hagel and reform how cases of rape are handled by top officers in our military.  A general should not have the power to set aside guilty verdicts and freeing rapists to rape again. A general should not be able to deny justice to the men and women who are sexually assaulted while in military service.  For decades the military has been an all boys club.  Now women serve along with the men. It’s 2013!  Victims of sexual assault should not be denied justice. RAPE IS A VIOLENT CRIME! Whether in civilian life or the military, rapists must be punished, not rewarded with other opportunities to rape again.  Our Commander-in-Chief has pledged his support to victims of sexual assault in the military.   —GoodOleWoody