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When yours truly was a senior in high school back in 1989, there were both black and white students at the senior prom.

We didn’t think anything of it – but it was central Illinois, and maybe that made a difference.

Fast forward to today, and here I am heading three hours down the highway from Atlanta to Wilcox County, Ga., where students there are holding their first integrated prom.

We are far from the city, and deep into the land of long, dry soybean fields with lonely tractors at their center. There are no stoplights. Every home I see looks weathered in that country way. And we’re about to pull into a long, gravel driveway to meet a few of the students who’ve decided it was time that black and white students share the same prom.

Wilcox County High is a small high school in the country. We tried to get the superintendant to agree to an interview and he declined. He was very nice about it, and seemed very supportive of the students putting on the integrated prom, but he was clearly negotiating politics.



  1. Superintendent Steve Smith of Wilcox County Schools is not a nice man. He is a deceptive politician and fake preacher who endorses racially segregated proms. He has a history of racism and discrimination. He has allowed nepotism to be the regular order of business. One of the fundamental reasons why he would not agree to an interview is it’s pretty difficult for him to defend his history of racism and discrimination. The NAACP and other organizations are going to expose him and bring him to justice. He has fired all of the minority teachers at Wilcox County High School. T

      1. I truly hope that they will continue to demand change. The more vocal students are graduating, but now the world and various civil rights organizations know about some of the problems with local school leaders’ handling of Wilcox County Schools. I am, therefore, pretty optimistic about change happening. I appreciate you for covering this story.

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