Day: May 16, 2013

“Ray LaMontagne Trouble”



MORNING JOE: ‘Questions IRS asked of tea party groups’



COLBERT NATION: Stephen and “nouvelle coq au vin”

Bon Appetit!

“O.J. Simpson Cheerfully Takes the Stand in Bid For New Trial”


By  (@alyssanewcomb)

May 15, 2013

More than four years after he choked back tears at his sentencing, O.J. Simpson addressed a Las Vegas court today sounding cheerful and confident in his bid to a win a new trial.

He bantered with bailiffs during breaks, making them laugh, and chuckled at himself at times during testimony when discussing his drinking at the time.

Simpson, 65, was called to the stand on the third day of the hearing, much of which has focused on claims his former attorney, Yale Galanter, gave him bad legal advice in the 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping trial that led to his conviction.

The football legend, who never testified in his 1995 murder trial, often called the “trial of the century,” or in the 2008 trial when he was convicted, took the stand for his first time today.



DAILY SHOW: Obama – Jon Stewart – “Scandal-dar”


Mr. President,, hire a P.R. Firm…on the down-low.  🙂

“White House releases additional documents related to Benghazi response”


By Michael O’Brien, Political Reporter, NBC News

Under increasing scrutiny from congressional Republicans, the White House on Wednesday released copies of emails and other additional supporting documents related to its response to last fall’s attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.

The White House released the materials in the wake of Republicans’ clamor for more information about how the Obama administration crafted its explanation for the incident, which came at the height of last year’s campaign season, and resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

The emails convey different parts of the administration — the White House, the State Department, and the CIA — trading drafts of talking points for use not just by representatives of the administration, but also by members of Congress.



‘The American say…The American People want…The American People think, etc., etc.’

This is our President angry!

This is our President angry!

The hair on the back  of my neck goes up every time no good politicians get on TV and presume to talk for the American people…without substantiation.  How do our politicians and TV talking heads really know facts about the American people?  Polls, you say?  Well, if they form their statements from poll data, they should quote the relevant polls…like genius, Ezra Klein, does.  Speaker John Boehner is forever making statements:   “The American people” this and “The American people” that.  Someone should tell Rep. Boehner (R-OH) that his speaker title does not give him license to “speak” for the American people.  Perhaps he should read Wikipedia.  I remember the days when reporters talked to average Americans [like the “man on the street“] and broadcasted  the interviews on the evening news.  For all we know our politicians have a secret agenda with talking points and the media might have their own.  Somehow, yesterday, President Obama heard or sensed the call of the American people for him to get out front on the current scandals(?) and show that he is angry and the he is in charge and swiftly taking action. He bound to the podium yesterday and delivered his reassuring message.  I was so proud of him!  —GoodOleWoody


Official portrait of United States House Speak...

Official portrait of United States House Speaker (R-Ohio). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Congress Approval Remains in a Slump

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