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How to Disagree with a Blog Post

Thinking Out Loud

So we’re still getting great numbers of page views at James MacDonald Preaches on Finances on Easter Sunday, and not a small number of comments, especially for this blog.  Some of you haven’t been back there since it appeared, but I later added an update to clarify some of the comments I got both on and off the blog:

Update 4/4/13

Basically what you’re seeing in the comments section is four possible responses:

  • Supportive (objectively) — People who feel J. MacD. was within his rights to preach this topic on Easter Sunday because it was a legitimate message even for “Holy Week.”
  • Supportive (subjectively) — People who rally around J.MacD. as their pastor or shepherd and want to defend him.
  • Opposed (subjectively) — People who choose to criticize J. MacD. on whatever grounds or based on whatever leadership criteria, or choose to examine this particular topic in light of…

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We are eating ourselves to death! But, what can we do?

We must get off our butts and exercise!
We must get off our butts and exercise!


We can fight obesity.




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Broken promises

Bell Book Candle

Rush Limbaugh promised to move to Costa Rica if Barack Obama were re-elected in 2012. He is still here

Michele Bachmann promised to leave Minnesota if the state of Minnesota approved gay marriage, They did and she is still a Minnesota Congressperson. If she does keep her promise, I hope that she will go north, rather than east, south or west.

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Trains collide in Connecticut; dozens hurt