“Chinese mock U.S. hacking claims ahead of Calif. summit”


(CBS News) BEIJING – President Obama will try to press the “reset” button on cyber relations this week when he sits down with China’s new president in California.

The so-called “shirt sleeve summit” is already generating plenty of attention.

Hu Xijin is the editor-in-chief of Beijing‘s “Global Times,” which has more than five million readers. Published by the “People’s Daily,” it is the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist Party. On social media, the editor has referred to U.S. foreign policy as “hooliganism” and “meddling.”

One headline says, for example, “Before U.S. Visit, The U.S. Is Hyping The Hacking Story Again.”

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Take U.S. charges of cyber-spying — that China has stolen details about weapons systems and other sensitive information.

Hu said he doesn’t think that’s a true story.

Hacking will likely be on the summit agenda ahead of high level talks on cyber-security in July.