Conflict Watch: The Deteriorating Syrian Civil War and Humanitarian Crisis

Normative Narratives

The Syria sinkhole

The Syrian opposition recently offered a dangerous ultimatum, which is symbolic of the overall deterioration for the prospect of a political transition in Syria:

“The Syrian opposition will not attend the proposed Geneva conference on the crisis in Syria unless rebel fighters receive new supplies of arms and ammunition, the top rebel military commander said Friday.

‘If we don’t receive ammunition and weapons to change the position on the ground, to change the balance on the ground, very frankly I can say we will not go to Geneva,’ Gen. Salim Idris said in a telephone interview from his headquarters in northern Syria. ‘There will be no Geneva.’”

“Mr. Assad’s military position has been strengthened by flights of arms from Iran and the involvement of thousands of fighters from Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group. The change of fortunes on the battlefield was illustrated last week when the Syrian military…

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How Hillary Can Have the Last Laugh



If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, it’s going to be a case of Barack Who?

Hillary Clinton joined Twitter yesterday in a moment of social media fabulosity that had me thinking @CoryBooker should watch his back.

First, there was the unadulterated awesomeness of her Twitter bio.

“Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD…”

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. The humour “hair icon, pantsuit aficionado” – the CV “lawyer, women & kids advocate, US Senator, SecState” the humanizing… “Wife, mom” – special props for putting “wife” before “mom” – the history… “lawyer, FLOAR, FLOTUS…” FLOAR is such a nice touch… First Lady of Arkansas… reminding us she’s been in the game a long time, some props to Bill’s home state, deprived and unglamorous. It’s the global victrix’s “Jenny from the…

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Guest Post: One Human Family

Free Spirit Publishing Blog

By Kelly Huegel, author ofGLBTQ

Kelly Huegel MadroneAs summer kicks off, so do Pride observations across the nation and around the world. From weeklong festivals in big cities like New York and London to modest, small-town observances, what was once a civil rights protest is now largely a celebration.

For me, this Pride month is different from others. As a resident of our nation’s capital, the Supreme Court building is a just a Metro ride away. The heartbeat of this city is power, and politics are the blood that courses through its veins. You cannot live here and be ignorant to the impact of what happens behind those walls. As we march into another humid D.C. summer, even the rising flood of tourists is not enough to distract from the momentous decisions that now rest at the feet of the highest court in the land.

This spring, on successive days, the…

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Beyond Brangelina: The Supreme Court Decides Myriad Genetics

Hizbullah and Rational Choice

Qifa Nabki

LEBANON-HEZBOLLAH-PARADE-ASHURA“What matters is not what the Gentiles will say, but what the Jews will do.” — David Ben Gurion

When Hizbullah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah admitted last week that his party was militarily involved in the Syrian conflict, the news seemed to deepen the cognitive dissonance initially caused by Nasrallah’s vocal support for the Syrian regime (in the context of his repudiation of other dictatorial regimes elsewhere in the region). Moral support was one thing; the fact that the party was now sending its Lebanese fighters to die in a guerrilla war against rebel soldiers was something somehow different.

I’ll admit that I too was surprised by the scenes of caskets draped with Hizbullah flags being paraded in the streets of Saida and Bint Jbeil. What is Hizbullah thinking? How can they possibly imagine that this is going to work out to their advantage? Surely the party understands that their…

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“Milt Shaw and his Orchestra – Walking With Susie (1929)”



Why is Chairman Darrell Issa delaying his version of ‘the truth'(?)



Remember Vietnam? Now, Syria. . . The Slippery Slope Begins


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“Raw: Marines Land Osprey on Japanese Ship”

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“Google Launches Internet-beaming Balloons”

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