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Let’s go together. O.K.?

Mandela’s wife overwhelmed by global support

Flat-Rate Flying: Introducing Surf Air, the All-You-Can-Fly Airline

We’re All Afraid

Thinking Out Loud

I think we’re all afraid.

Different reasons in each case, but I know that my American friends — who comprise the majority of readers here — are wondering quite literally which way the wind is going to blow. Communities not devastated by hurricanes and tornadoes have been shattered by gun violence. It makes you want to build a shelter in the basement and then just stay there.

I base some of this on a monitoring of some of the worship songs that some churches did over the weekend. A recently released song by Tim Timmons invites me to Cast My Cares while Sunday Setlist founder Fred McKinnon borrowed a mainstream music song, Home by Phillip Phillips which reminds us we’re not alone.

Years ago, in a very accusatory tone, people said, ‘Christianity is a crutch.’ In other words, people who can’t get by need a faith to face the hard…

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A Night to Remember: New York Puppy Prom 2013

Chicago Cubs

Bell Book Candle

In 1950 when I was 9 years old and before we owned a television set, we visited an aunt who owned an early, 12.5 inch black and white set while my relatives were watching a baseball game. I was asked which team I supported and I did not recognize the name of either team. I decided to root for the losing team which happened to be the Chicago Cubs. I have been a Cubs supporter ever since, and over 63 years, I have seen the Cubs snatch defeat from the jaws of victory countless times. The Cubs may lose more games than they win, but they play exciting baseball.

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“They Won’t Be Moving On”: What Will Republicans Do if Obamacare Turns Out OK?


Ramesh Ponnuru has a long piece at National Review imploring conservatives to come up with a health-care plan they can swiftly put in place when Obamacare inevitably collapses under the weight of its disastrous big-government delusions. Though I disagree with almost every point Ponnuru makes along the way, from his analysis of what will happen with Obamacare to his recommendations of what a conservative health-insurance system should look like (the fact that anyone, even a free-market dogmatist, thinks catastrophic coverage plus high-risk pools would work out great is just incredible), I’ll give him credit for trying to get his ideological brethren to come up with a proposal to solve what they themselves keep saying is a terrible problem. But alas, his effort is doomed to fail. Why? Because when it comes to health care, conservatives just don’t care. I’ll elaborate in a moment, but here’s the crux of Ponnuru’s…

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Student loans

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Elizxabeth Warren has proposed that student loans come directly from the Federal Reserve at the current interest rate of 0.75%. That is a excellent idea; banks as middlemen are unnecessary. If Warren’s bill becomes law, I suggest that we follow-up on it with loans to workers so that they can purchase stock in the companies where they work and ultimately to home buyers so that they can purchase their homes at much lower cost. Why should someone be forced to pay two or three times the purchase price of a home in interest in addition to the principal? Then the home interest would no longer need to be tax deductible.

Please see Eliminate the middleman | One World, Ready or Not

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Hog Heaven: A Papal Blessing for 35,000 Harley Riders at Vatican City

Reading While Eating for June 17: Reclaiming the Throne