Shining a Light on Mitch McConnell


Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY)


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Church Sucks

Thinking Out Loud

Church Sucks

Okay, like you, I got really nervous when I saw the above phrase in a book review at Church Central.  Nothing like being provocative, I guess. Here’s a fuller explanation:

Scott Oldenburgh is Campus Pastor for The Church on Rush Creek Mansfield West (Texas).  His new book is entitled Church Sucks: But it Doesn’t Have to Stay that Way, (Fort Worth: Austin Brothers Publishing, 2013).

To fully understand Scott’s heart, you need to read the first paragraph of the Introduction:

“Let me start by saying that I am well aware the use of the word ‘sucks’ is a turnoff for many people in the church world.  However, after several attempts at rewording and rethinking the possible title of this book, I decided to keep it.  Let me explain my thinking.  There are times in life when the only phrase that seems to fit is, ‘Well, this just sucks!'”  (p…

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