Zimmerman called Martin a ‘suspect’

CNN Newsroom

Brooke and Sunny Hostin review the videotapes of George Zimmerman’s police interview.

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H-1B, H-2A

The N-word’s toxic power

CNN Newsroom

Brooke’s celebrity panel discusses the toxic power of the N-word.

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Republican gerrymandering


With the Supreme Court saying that Section 4 of the voting rights act needs a do over thus making Section 5 void, many of us are not happy.  The odds of Congress coming up with a new formula are pretty slim.  But, all may not be lost.

We know that the Republican controlled state houses used the 2010 Census to draw districts that allowed them to hold on to the House last year.  This despite Section 4 in at least some of those states.  This morning, Politico.com published a story by Alex Isenstadt in which he points out that this gerrymandering may have unintended consequences for them.

No one disputes Republicans used the once-a-decade redistricting process to  lock in their House majority — almost certainly through 2014 and possibly until  the next round of line-drawing in 2020.

But the party could pay a steep price for that dominance.


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WATCH: Dog Bolts into Tour de France Race Course


Quelle horreur! A small dog nearly caused a not-small crash at the Tour de France this weekend after he got loose and dashed across the racetrack. The incident occurred just a few miles from the finish line during the event’s second stage. Luckily, the cyclists managed to dodge the four-legged obstacle, and everyone carried on safely.

In the past, such events haven’t turned out so well. In 2007, German cyclist Marcus Burghardt collided with a dog, as CBS News notes. In 2000, a horse made his way onto the track and tried to outrun the peloton. A herd of cows even joined the pack once, causing an accident. So, all things considered, this intrepid little pup caused nothing more than a minor scare — and a collective adrenaline boost.

MORE: That’s Tacky: Troublemakers Pop Tires of Tour de France Bikers

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Cirque du Soleil Performer Falls to Her Death During Las Vegas Show


A veteran acrobatic performer fell 50 feet to her death during a live performance of  Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka” show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this past Saturday night, June 29, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

A wire suspending Sarah Guillot-Guyard, 31, reportedly snapped as she and other performers were being lifted up during the show’s finale, the “final battle scene.” She was still wearing the harness that’s supposed to be strapped to the suspension cables when she landed in a pit below the stage, hidden from the audience’s sight line.

Guillot-Guyard, a mother of two, had been an acrobat for 22 years, including seven years performing with the Cirque company. Many families were in the audience, including Colorado resident Dan Mosqueda, who was with his wife and 10-year-old son, and who told the Sun, “Initially, a lot of people in the audience thought it was part of the…

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Plated Palates: How Cutlery Influences Food Flavor


Food flavors are not only determined by tastebuds, but also the size, weight and color of plates and utensils, according to researchers at University of Oxford.

Adding to an already growing body of research, a new study in the journal Flavour found that meal utensils can alter perceptions of taste just as much as the cuisine or plating. In three experiments designed to examine whether food tastes different by varying the color, weight and size of spoons, forks and knives, the study shows that generally food is perceived as more tasty when eaten with heavier cutlery on heavier plates.

(LIST: 5 Tips For Healthy Grilling)

The study’s co-author Vanessa Harrar tells TIME that color and weight are just examples of how we generate expectations, which the brain creates by learning from previous experiences and allowing it to sort of run on auto-pilot. “This is good because…

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How Instagram Replaced Text Messaging


  1. Om… Om… Omg

    A few months ago, my wife and I took a course on mindfulness and meditation. One of things I noticed was that the sensation of meditating provided just about the exact opposite sensation as I have when when I fire up Twitter and Facebook, and open my first seventy-five browser tabs of the morning. So it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that many tech companies have turned to meditation to help their employees chill out. And it’s even less surprising that, as Noah Shactman explains in Wired, meditation in the Valley is not just about inner peace — it’s about getting ahead. Inhale through your nose. And feel the price of your equity gently float upwards as you exhale…

  2. Affirmative Inaction

    The Supreme Court sent Texas’ affirmative action case back to the lower court for further review. The Court also advised the…

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Song to Guardian Angels


St. Florian

“Dear Angel Ever at My Side” – Guardian Angel Song

Congress and Incompetence Go Hand-in-Hand – Cartoon #10