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Where are the good jobs?

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The June jobs report showed the economy gained 195,000 jobs, but the unemployment rate was unchanged. Many of those jobs however, were low paying or entry level jobs that make earning a decent living difficult. Where have the good jobs gone?

Where have all the good jobs gone?
Where have all the good jobs gone?
Gone, gone away.
Where have all the good jobs gone?
India, China and Bangladesh
That’s where all the good jobs have gone.
Gone, gone away, for good
They aren’t coming back.
Who benefits when all the good jobs go away?
Not you, not me, not that group of three
Or three hundred standing in the unemployment line.
Who benefits when all the jobs go South of the border
Down Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador way?
NAFTA, CAFTA, SAFTA and all that jazz.
Who benefits? CEO’s, members of Congress
Retailers of luxury goods…

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WATCH: Eyewitnesses Describe Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco


As details continue to emerge from Saturday’s Boeing 777 crash at San Francisco International Airport, survivors share their stories, insights and observations. Watch above as eyewitnesses describe the scene of the fiery crash that left two people dead and 182 injured.

(PHOTOS:Boeing 777 Crash-Lands at San Francisco Airport)

Additional footage, recorded by witness Fred Hayes, shows the airliner’s descent and eventual crash on the runway. Watch the footage here — and listen to Hayes’ firsthand account.

[time-brightcove videoid=2532490369001]

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