Day: July 17, 2013

Watch: Zimmerman Juror’s Emotional Interview


Juror B37 in the Zimmerman trial tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that she doesn’t believe race was a factor in the death of Trayvon Martin and that George Zimmerman is “a man whose heart was in the right place.”

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Filibuster reform

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Yesterday, John McCain and Harry Reid reached a compromise on filibuster reform that avoided the nuclear option. We can chalk up a win for John McCain over the Wacko-birds of the GOP in the Senate. The score now reads:
John McCain   1
Wacko-birds  …

I look forward with anticipation to the next episode in this continuing saga, perhaps to be entitled “The Wacko-birds Strike Back.”

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Being black in America

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Most or many people of color are saying that the George Zimmerman acquittal defines the state of racial treatment in the US by police and the judicial system. Not being black myself, I have never experienced what they claim to experience, but I believe that so many with the same complaints must be taken seriously. Even if our system of justice were perfect and the complaints raised were false, we would still need to address the complaints. And I believe them and I believe that those who complain have merit on their side. What shall we do?

I think that the most effective way to change minds is to change perspectives, to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes. Since I am not black and cannot become black, we must find another approach. Perhaps a role-playing game, played in the schools or available electronically for home use might…

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Man Sues Apple for His Porn Addiction


When in doubt, blame technology. A Tennessee man is suing Apple for enabling him to access pornography, alleging that the tech giant supports pornography and “explicit sexual content which has led to the proliferation of arousal addiction,” according to his 50-page complaint.

Nashville lawyer Chris Sevier argues that Apple should install a content filter in its browsers to block all internet porn, CNET reports. His “reasonable policy” would only allow users 18 years of age or older to access inappropriate content if they contact Apple and sign a form acknowledging the perils of porn. Only then would a user receive a code to access the free interwebs.

(MORE: Apple’s Latest Discovery: A 15th Century Spanish Ruin)

Sevier also faults Apple for his failed marriage, which he says caused him to “experience emotional distress to the point of hospitalization.” Placing blame on Apple for not warning him…

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Watch: Man Wrestles Shark


Elliot Sudal claims to have caught more than 100 sharks in the past eight months, but this one required a little extra elbow grease. Sudal spent 45 minutes reeling in the seven-foot, 200-pound fish before he wrestled him onto shore. After taking some pics with the shark, Sudal let it go and says it was no worse for wear from the photo op.

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“The Politics Around Dark Bodies”: The Whole System, Moral And Legal, Failed Trayvon Martin

In a way, the not-guilty verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman for his killing of Trayvon Martin was more powerful than a guilty verdict could ever have been. It was the perfect wrenching coda to a story that illustrates just how utterly and completely our system of justice — both moral and legal — failed Martin and his family.

This is not to dispute the jury’s finding — one can intellectually rationalize the decision — as much as it is to howl at the moon, to yearn for a brighter reality for the politics around dark bodies, to raise a voice and say, this case is a rallying call, not a death dirge.

The system began to fail Martin long before that night.

The system failed him when Florida’s self-defense laws were written, allowing an aggressor to claim self-defense in the middle of an altercation — and to use…

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Discord, details flow after Zimmerman trial

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The George Zimmerman murder trial is over, but details from the case continue to emerge at a dizzying pace.

Several jurors have spoken out after the verdict. The prosecution’s key witness has been offered a full ride to college. And Attorney General Eric Holder blasted “stand your ground” laws but gave no hint about whether Zimmerman will face civil rights charges.

Here’s the latest on the Zimmerman trial aftermath:

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