Day: July 21, 2013

Why Jihad? – A sermon




What A Friend We Have In Jesus – Mahalia Jackson


10 People held captive allegedly in Houston



Today in History

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Barack’s words

Bell Book Candle

Barack Obama’s words on race can move the nation, but they can’t budge FOX News.

Please see HannityLove and hate | Being black in America

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Rallies urge justice for Trayvon Martin

CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Nick Valencia talks with Trayvon Martin’s father at a rally in Miami.

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Alberto Gonzales on race and the law

CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield talks with former Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, about the Zimmerman verdict.

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Martin Luther King III talks Trayvon

CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Victor Blackwell and Poppy Harlow talk with civil rights activist Martin Luther King III about Trayvon Martin

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