Japan’s Latest Trend: Skinvertising


While human billboards are nothing new in the realm of advertising, the latest twist on the eye-catching trend involves placing promotional messages on women’s thighs.

Playing up the maxim “sex sells,” public relations firm Wit Inc. enlisted 3,000 Japanese women to stroll around with stickers positioned provocatively on the mid-thigh, the Guardian reports. Why the thigh? CEO of the ad agency Hidenori Atsumi shamelessly explained to the Guardian that it’s a part of the body where men are eager to look and women don’t mind exposing.

The female candidate must be over 18, snap at least two images of themselves in two separate locales to post online as well as the seemingly antiquated request of having at least 20 friends on social networking sites. The firm recommends that its human billboards wear knee-high socks and miniskirts to place emphasis on the ad.

(MORE: Advertising’s Next Big Thing: Walking Product…

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“Placating The Pyromaniacs”: Don’t Repeal Any Laws, Repeal John Boehner And House Republicans


It would be impossible to name the craziest thing said by a Republican so far this year. This year? This week.

New entrants arrive constantly and the competition is feral. And yet paradoxically they don’t even shock anymore. But one recent Republican remark should arrest you and deserves your contemplation: John Boehner’s statement on Face the Nation Sunday that he and his House Republicans “ought to be judged on how many laws we repeal.”

It’s not an outrageous statement in the Obama-wants-to-impose-Sharia vein, but in its way it’s more disturbing. The Republican Party now sees dysfunction as not just an unfortunate consequence of a set of historical factors, something that they might work every now and again to correct. Now, the Republican Party sees dysfunction as its mission.

This, I think you’ll agree, is new. Let’s put it more emphatically. It’s absolutely new in American history. Well, there exists…

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‘Heir Raiser’: Prince George Gets His Very Own Beer


Though George Alexander Louis has a while to go before he can take his first legal sip, the third in line to the British throne already has a beer in his name. McMullens Brewery, a British brewery based in Hertford, England, has released a special ale dubbed Heir Raiser to celebrate the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child.

According to theDrinks Business, the special brew is described as a “light-colored, crisp refreshing pint with a light, hoppy finish” and is currently being sold at the Duchess of Cambridge Pub opposite Windsor Castle. The ale, which is 3.8% alcohol by volume, has reportedly already been enjoyed by Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson.

(MORE: Royal Baby’s Bump to British Economy Estimated at $376 Million)

This isn’t the first time a brew has been made to mark a special event for the royal couple. In the…

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“Paul Whiteman Orchestra, Jack Fulton vocal – Body And Soul (1930)”


I love you.  Yes, I really do.

More Fallout from Anthony Weiner . . .


Much admiration for Weiner’s wife for her support.

“Obama’s challenge to the GOP: What’s your agenda?”


By Suzy Khimm


Kicking off a series of speeches on the economy, President Obama laid out a number of reforms–from raising the minimum wage to universal pre-school–that would require major legislation that no one expects to pass any time soon. But that was precisely the point: Obama strived to come across as a leader with a long-term vision for the future, criticizing Republicans for being short-sighted and petty by comparison.

Obama attempted throughout his speech to take the long view on America’s economic problems. Yes, the financial crisis was awful, but it was essentially just a setback that exacerbated the fundamental problems we’ve been facing for decades: A hollowed out middle class, growing inequality, and the loss of economic security–”a sense that your hard work would be rewarded with fair wages and benefits, the chance to buy a home, to save for retirement,” Obama said.

Fixing such structural problems will have historic impact, going well beyond the current recovery, the president continued in an address that stretched just over an hour Wednesday. “The choices that we, the people, make now will determine whether or not every American will have a fighting chance in the 21st century,” he said. “To reverse the forces that have conspired against the middle class for decades–that has to be our project.”

Obama ran through a litany of possibilities to fix the pillars of middle-class America, through more affordable education, higher wages, and more jobs. By the end, it felt more of a laundry list of ideas (universal broadband! mortgage refinancing! worker retraining!) than a legislative agenda. But the driving purpose of the speech was to contrast this vision for economic change with Republican preoccupations–spending cuts, political scandals, and the debt ceiling–and challenge them to describe their own long-term agenda.


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This is the havoc that all Republican government can wreak…this time in NC


Thank you very much, SCOTUS!


I guess you now feel like

Pandora opening her box.

Let’s tweet and be activists at the same time. O.K.?

“North Carolina On Cusp Of Passing Worst Voter Suppression Bill In The Nation”


By Scott Keyes


Voting in North Carolina may soon change, much in the same way a wrecking ball changes a building.

The highly-conservative North Carolina legislature just released a new voter suppression bill that would enact not just voter ID, but a host of other new initiatives designed to make it more difficult to vote. A significant roadblock to the legislation was removed last month when the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act, making it easier for states with a history of racial discrimination like North Carolina to enact new voter suppression laws.


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