France Finally Finds the Right Words to Describe Binge Drinking


The French Ministry of Culture and Communication, better known as the language police, added a decidedly un-French term to its approved lexicon on Sunday. From now on, chugging alcohol with the sole motive of getting smashed is no longer “le binge drinking” — it’s labeuverie express(literally, fast drinking).

French authorities are well-known for combating the encroachment of English into the Language of Love, most recently by creating a domestic equivalent for hashtag: mot-dièseThe authorities’ determination to keep their language free from the vulgarities of English, however, reveals a growing problem in France. After all, if binge drinking weren’t on the rise, the government would have little reason to create its own dictionary entry for the phenomenon.

Binge drinking has gone largely undocumented in the country, with the assumption that such crass methods of imbibing were solely for those in less-civilized nations. Au contraire. Last…

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