American Tourist Snaps Finger Off 600-Year-Old Statue in Florence Museum

Daredevil Escapes from Locked Box Dropped from 14,500 Feet

Shark Week: Dead Shark Found in NYC Subway Car

Curiosity Rover marks first anniversary

CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin talks with CNN’s Chad Myers about NASA’s Curiosity Rover and what it has collected in the past year.

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$2 trillion

If only we didn’t oil from the Middle-East…

Bell Book Candle

Was it worth US$2 trillion to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein and his two sons? No, I don’t think so. It would have been far cheaper to pay them a ransom of $5-$10 billion each to vacate Iraq with their lives than to spend so much US treasure, kill 200,000, injure countless more Americans and Iraqis, and wreck Iraq just to replace a Sunni regime with a Shiite one aligned with Iran. How stupid can the American government be? Pretty darned stupid if it’s GW Bush listening to his Neocon advisers, and backed by a spineless media.

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“Mr Cellophane”



Reince Priebus is a victim? – Cartoon #7


Reince Priebus is a victim? – Cartoon #6


Reince Priebus is a victim? – Cartoon #5


Reince Priebus is a victim? – Cartoon #4