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“We Already Know What We Need”: Why Haven’t We Fixed Our Crummy Voting System Yet?

“We gotta fix that,” the president said in his victory speech last November, following his reelection. The “that” in need of fixing was our broken and unequal election system. And we allagreed. There should be fixing. So why hasn’t there been any yet?

As you may recall, one subplot in the national telenovela that was the last presidential election involved the very purposeful attempted disenfranchisement, by Republican state legislators and officials, of certain key Democratic voters, which is to say poor and black people. This took many forms, from poorly drawn-up supposed lists of felons to be thrown off the voter rolls to the legal harassment of groups engaged in voter registration, but the most common tool was the voter ID law. On Election Day, while most black Americans managed to have their votes counted, the pictures told a distressing story across the country: In neighborhoods made up primarily…

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When Tina Turner tied the knot with longtime partner Erwin Bach earlier this month, her guest list included Oprah Winfrey and Bryan Adams.

But there was one guest the singer didn’t expect to see at her wedding — a remote-controlled drone.

German publication Der Spiegel reported Thursday that Turner and Bach went to great lengths to keep prying eyes from invading their nuptials, even hanging red cloth in the garden at Turner’s estate on Lake Zurich to block the wedding from view. However, freelance photographer Claudio Meier, who knew a snapshot of the celebration would fetch a pretty penny, decided to fly a remote-controlled drone over the wedding to get a picture.

Meier’s plan was derailed though — Swiss police ordered the photographer to land the aircraft and confiscated his memory card.

Swiss tabloid photographer Toto Marti did manage to snap a photo of the event from within a small airplane, but in that case he was actually in the plane.

The newlyweds shared their wedding photos with HELLO! soon after the event. Turner donned a nontraditional black and green gown by Georgio Armani, and requested that all of her female guests wear white, while male guests were asked to wear black.

Turner and Bach have been together for 27 years. Of her marriage, Turner told HELLO!, “It’s a wonderful place to be.”  [FULL QUOTE]

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Today in History, August 12th



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