“Misleading Others And Lying To Themselves”: Why John Boehner Has To Keep Making Crazy Threats


You probably read yesterday about the efforts of John Boehner and the Republican leadership in the House to convince the rank-and-file members that shutting down the government until Obamacare is defunded is a Bad Idea, and not a Brilliant Political Maneuver. Robert Costa’s account in the National Review has the basic narrative. It looks, now, like Boehner has succeeded in defusing the shutdown threat. All he had to do was promise something worse. Now we are going to not raise the debt ceiling instead.

As Jonathan Chait points out, replacing the shutdown threat with a default threat is actually much crazier and more potentially disastrous. But Boehner couldn’t get Republicans to agree to just give up on defunding Obamacare this year. He had to promise to exchange their one crazy plan to do so with another one that will go into effect later. And when it is time for…

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Prosecutors: Oscar Pistorius Trial Early Next Year

Clashes Erupt in Egypt As Protesters March Against Earlier Bloodshed

Blurred Lines, The San Diego Sex Scandal Edition


In a political climate where sex scandals are constantly cropping up and reemerging, Robin Thicke’s controversial song of the summer, Blurred Lines, couldn’t have been released at a better time for parodies.

U-T TV, an online news venture affiliated with the UT-San Diego newspaper, formerly the San Diego Union-Tribune, released a spoof of the song, lampooning Mayor Bob Filner in light of recent sexual harassment allegations against him. The video –which features Filner’s head superimposed on a man’s body and female anchors dancing in skirts and high heels — has drawn criticism from other news organizations that find it peculiar they should call out the mayor’s behavior by using a song that’s also been lambasted as misogynistic.

Throughout the video words like “RESIGN and “CREEPER” appear across the screen as the female TV anchors wag fingers to lyrics calling out Filner’s alleged behavior, playing into an already sexualized music…

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Egypt’s Turmoil: How the World Is Reacting to the Bloodshed


U.S. President Barack Obama Thursday joined a chorus of world leaders in condemning the Egyptian government for its violent response Wednesday to opposition protesters that left at least 638 people and more than 4,000 injured. Tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters took to the streets today in defiance of a military-imposed state of emergency. According to some reports, at least 26 people have been killed in clashes in Cairo, while tensions have led to violence elsewhere in the country as well. The military’s crackdown — which follows its ousting of the democratically-elected government one month ago — has led to angry condemnations from much of the international community.


Canada closed its embassy in Cairo for security reasons and summoned an Egyptian envoy to declare its concern over the violence.

European Union

E.U. diplomats will meet Monday to consider the response to the Egyptian government’s crackdown. Catherine Ashton, who…

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Somalia Polio Outbreak Spreads; 105 Recorded Cases

Area 51 Is Alive and Unwell


Area 51 is perhaps the most satisfying legend of American history. Satisfying not only because it screams covert in a way that is literally otherworldly and takes us back to a time of serialized radio stories, but because, despite the nearly-absurd notion of our government maintaining an alien-testing site in the desert, it will always be only nearly-absurd. We can’t look it up on Snopes, or drive past it.  The very magnitude of its absurdity is the one thing that keeps the story alive because it is perhaps the one thing we can never be certain doesn’t exist.

Today that changes—not only has George Washington University’s National Security Archive released declassified documents that prove the existence of an Area 51, but the military facility is also stripped of any mythical glory because the documents also show that Area 51 had nothing to do with Aliens at all. In fact, it…

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NYC Begins Appeal of Police Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

Bridge Truck Fire Sends Smoke Billowing Over NYC

Turmoil in Egypt: TIME Journalist Gets Caught in Cairo’s Latest Day of Rage


There was a crackle of gunfire. Birdshot hit the buildings overhead and the crowd of demonstrators on Cairo’s 15 May Bridge took off running from the shots. I felt a dull object hit my back. It was a brake disk from a car. Thrown by whom—it was unclear. Demonstrators shouted that police were shooting from the rooftops. I kept running.

The thousands of demonstrators that filled the bridge were supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi, heeding a call for a Friday of Rage, a day of nationwide demonstrations deploring a crackdown by the interim military-backed government that at least 638 people dead on Wednesday. The initial shock of Wednesday’s killing has now worn off, and given way to bitterness and anger.

(PHOTOS: Clashes Erupt in Egypt As Protesters March Against Earlier Bloodshed)

Many of the protesters knew they could be marching to their deaths. “I saw two people…

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