“Texas Councilwoman calls gays ‘disgusting'”

AlJazeera America

Councilmember Elisa Chan. (City of San Antonio)
Councilmember Elisa Chan. (City of San Antonio)

A San Antonio Councilwoman has recently come under fire for a myriad of anti-gay comments made in a secretly recorded meeting.

On May 21, Councilwoman Elisa Chan met with her staff to discuss a proposal to add protections for sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s nondiscrimination ordinance. Unbeknownst to those in attendance, James Stevens, a former aide to the councilwoman, was recording the discussion on his iPhone.

In an interview with Express, Stevens revealed, “My decision to record in the first place was that, during the staff meetings, we weren’t really discussing the ordinance itself. We were really just talking about ways to appeal to the (voting) base and to get them fired up as opposed to analyzing the ordinance.”

Stevens explained, “We spent 80 percent of that meeting talking about how disgusting homosexuality is.”

  1. Many on Twitter shared what they found to be the most shocking comments made by the Councilwoman. You can find the entire recording here.