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Field of Dishonor: Famous American Court-Martials

Egypt: 36 Killed in Brotherhood Escape Attempt

“Albertina Walker – I Can Go To God In Prayer”


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North, South Korea agree to family reunions

“Camouflaging What They’re Up To”: GOP Bets Voters Aren’t Paying Attention To Their Obamacare Obstructionism


The House GOP leadership reportedly feels confident that they’ve defused the fanatical right’s push for a government shutdown fight over defunding Obamacare. The leaders apparently think that shutting down the government is, as a general matter, a bad idea because it tends to irritate voters who want those elected to govern to actually, you know, govern.

This prompts Greg Sargent to wonder why the GOP doesn’t get in more trouble for its general refusal to govern. The short answer, I think, is that Republicans think voters aren’t paying attention.

Sargent cites a new report from NRO’s Robert Costa outlining the House GOP leaders’ plans to avoid a shutdown and continue the battle to derail Obamacare. The latest idea: Demand an Obamacare delay in exchange for raising the debt ceiling (a legislative version of “delay Obamacare or the economy gets it”). Costa quotes veteran GOP pollster David Winston as saying that the…

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Egypt Increases Security Before Pro-Morsi Protests

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SERMON: “Does Anyone Really Care?”


Dr. Sandra Kennedy


Today in History, August 18th


God bless San Diego.



The challenges of recalling Bob Filner

It’s been five weeks since calls began for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner to resign from office amid allegations of sexual harassment by more than a dozen women. However, Filner says he’ll be back at work on Monday. His former deputy campaign manager, Laura Fink, and the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Michael Smolens discuss.