Bradley Manning gets 35 years

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Bradley Manning, the Army private whose disclosure of hundreds of thousands of U.S. military and diplomatic documents gave American officials a global case of heartburn, was sentenced to more than three decades in prison Wednesday.

A military judge sentenced Manning to 35 years less than the 60 years prosecutors sought, as well as the 90 years he could have received minus credit for the about three and a half years he’s already been behind bars.

He showed little to no reaction when the judge, Army Col. Denise Lind, sentenced him at Fort Meade, outside Washington. But in a statement read by his attorney afterward, he said he acted “out of a love for my country and a sense of duty,” to expose what he said were abuses committed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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“Ain’t Got No, I Got Life – Nina Simone”


Lord, what kind of future


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With all his talk what has freshman senator, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, really done? – Cruz Cartoon #9


With all his talk what has freshman senator, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, really done? – Cruz Cartoon #8


“Syria opposition group claims 1,300 killed in chemical attack in Damascus suburbs”


BEIRUT The Syrian opposition said Wednesday that state security forces had launched intense artillery and rocket barrages on the eastern suburbs of the capital Damascus, claiming that hundreds of people died in what was being called a “poisonous gas” attack.

The attack coincided with the visit by a 20-member U.N. chemical weapons team to Syria to investigate three sites where chemical weapons attacks allegedly occurred during the past year. Their presence raises questions about why the regime – which called the claims of the attack Wednesday “absolutely baseless” – would use chemical agents at this time.

In a statement, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said the U.S. is deeply concerned by reports chemical weapons use in Syria, and that the Obama administration is “working urgently to gather additional information.

“If the Syrian government has nothing to hide and is truly committed to an impartial and credible investigation of chemical weapons use in Syria, it will facilitate the U.N. team’s immediate and unfettered access to this site,” Earnest said.

The Egypt-based Arab League condemned the “horrific attack” against civilians and called for an investigation.




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‘Senseless’ shooting of Australian Chris Lane sparks calls for U.S. boycott”


By Hilary Whiteman

(CNN) — They were younger than him, just teenagers who were driving around, apparently bored and looking for somebody to kill, according to police in Duncan, Oklahoma.

The indiscriminate shooting of Christopher Lane, a 23-year-old Australian who was living his dream of studying in the U.S. on a baseball scholarship, has repulsed many in his home country and led to calls for Australian tourists to boycott the United States.

“It is another example of murder mayhem on Main Street,” former Australian deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer told CNN’s Piers Morgan.

“People thinking of going to the USA for business or tourists trips should think carefully about it given the statistical fact you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the USA than in Australia per capita per million people.”

Police say Lane was on one of his regular runs through what’s been described as the affluent town of Duncan on Friday at about 3 p.m. local time when a car carrying three teenagers drove up behind him.

“They pulled up behind him and shot him in the back then sped away,” said Capt. Jay Evans of Duncan Police Department. “It could have been anybody — it was such a random act.”

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia: ‘There is deep seated anger this time’

It was the indiscriminate nature of the attack that has shocked many in Australia.


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With all his talk what has freshman senator, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, really done? – Cruz Cartoon #7


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