Making “revenge porn” illegal

CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield talks with one California State Senator who  brought forth a new bill that makes “revenge porn” criminal.

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Tiny North Dakota Town Mobilizes to Halt Aryan Enclave Plan

Sarin gas in Syria: Waiting for proof

CNN Newsroom

Brooke talked about the crisis in Syria with Gen. James “Spider” Marks, U.S. Army (Retired) and Ed Husain from the Council on Foreign Relations. Listen to hear more about what an intervention in Syria might look like and the risks involved.

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NFL concussion lawsuit settled

CNN Newsroom

Brooke had criminal defense attorney Danny Cevallos and former prosecutor Faith Jenkins on the show to discuss the NFL concussion lawsuit settlement. Listen to find out more about the details of the settlement and what it means for the league and former players.

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Man Tells 911 He Killed Cancer-Stricken Wife

Calif. DA Scrutinized in Fire, Affair with Escort

Sex Column Returns to Penn State Student Paper

Feds loosen marijuana enforcement

CNN Newsroom

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin talks with justice reporter, Evan Perez about The Justice Department and marijuana laws.

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Outgoing U.S. Ambassador in Egypt Slams State-Run Newspaper


The U.S. envoy to Egypt is not pulling punches as she approaches the end of her two-year tenure.

Ambassador Anne Patterson, who was nominated earlier this month to be assistant secretary of state in the State Department’s Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, sent a scathing open letter Wednesday to the country’s largest government-run newspaper deriding a story that claimed the ambassador was complicit in efforts to destabilize the country.

“This article isn’t bad journalism; it isn’t journalism at all,” Patterson wrote. “It is fiction, serving only to deliberately misinform the Egyptian public.”

The ambassador was responding to an Aug. 27 article (here, in Arabic) that cites anonymous sources in naming Patterson as the sponsor of an alleged Muslim Brotherhood-led plot to “spread chaos.”

Patterson has been the target of denunciations and conspiracy theories from both sides of Egypt’s political wrangling. The interim military-backed government has demonized Patterson for…

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U.K. Prime Minister Cameron Loses Syria War Vote