“Bix and his Rhythm Jugglers – Davenport Blues (1925)”


Holiday coming.  Prepare to have fun!

The Joys of Waiting

Elizabeth Fountain, Author

I hate waiting. Most people I know hate waiting. Life is full of waiting: we wait for loved ones to come home, we wait for movies to start, we wait in lines at groceries, banks, or the DMV. We wait to hear the results of tests at school, and the results of tests about our health.  Right now my love is waiting to find out if a new job will come through, unable to make commitments until he does. As writers, we wait for the muse to strike, we wait to hear back about a submission, we wait to see if anyone will discover our work, and we wait to learn if they love it as we do. All this waiting creates an often excruciating sense of anticipation, anxiety, or dread. It puts us in a state of suspended animation, of limbo: we understand, while in this limbo, why Dante…

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Soup with Preserved Green Mustard and Tofu 咸菜豆腐汤 / The love from my mom (Part 2)



There is no complete Chinese dinner without a soup, says me. 😀 As mentioned before, a classic Chinese home dinner is a combination of 3 dishes plus 1 soup. No matter if it is for two, three or four people. This combination is a hidden sign of welcoming the guests, a proper polite gesture from the host. In Malaysia, sometimes it can be more expensive to cook at home than to eat out, especially when a soup is prepared. My mom, the soup master usually puts a whole chicken, a few of dried scallops, dried oysters, dried jujubes, dried goji berries together with some Chinese herbs or root vegetables in a medium size pot and cook for hours. As you can probably imagine how intense the flavor would turn out, no MSG nor salt are needed for her soups. I simply love her chicken soup, a healing effect for my…

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Are you a boy or a girl?


“Are you a boy or a girl?” my mom whispers into the phone, afraid her roommate might hear her question.

“A girl,” I say.

“You ARE?” she asks, as if she can’t believe it, as if it’s deeply upsetting for her.


“How long have you been a girl?”

“I’ve always been a girl, Mom.”

“I never knew all this time that you were a girl,” she says, a note of shock in her voice. “Does it bother you to be a girl?”

“No, Mom.”

“Does everyone else in the family know you’re a girl?”


“No one ever told me.”

I don’t know what to say to that.

“Do you look like a girl?” she asks.

“I guess so.”

“Do you have long hair?”

“No, I have short hair.”

“Do you dress like a girl?”

“Umm … yes.”

“Do you get your period and that kind of stuff?”


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France: U.K. Vote Doesn’t Thwart Plans to Hit Syria

Poll: Americans Support Limited Action in Syria

Vote in Britain Could Lead to Different Kind of Regime Change

Test Driven: 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith, Nick’s Take (9.5/10)

Mind Over Motor

2014 Rolls Royce Wraith

Back when Rolls Royce and Bentley sailed under the same flag, it was often said that a Bentley was a car to drive and a Rolls Royce was a car to be driven in. The two companies have now been split up for over a decade, with Bentley owned by Volkswagen and Rolls Royce under BMW. Since their separation both brands have had to branch out a bit, but for Rolls Royce, branching out has come to mean venturing into some unexplored territory.

Rolls Royces have traditionally been focused on the concerns of their rear occupants, aiming to preserve comfort at all costs, even if the chauffeur goes completely mad. The car you see here, Rolls Royce describes as being a “gentleman’s grand tourer”, and the most powerful car they’ve ever made. It is the new Rolls Royce Wraith, and no part of it has anything to do with being…

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WATCH: Baby Panda Mei Xiang Plays with Mom

3 strikes

Bell Book Candle

Being a woman now in America is strike one.

Being black now in America is strike two.

Being gay now in America is strike three.

Being a gay, black woman now in America is being truly f****d.


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