Madrid’s Olympic Hopes Dashed a 3rd Straight Time

Vatican: 100,000 Attend Syria Peace Vigil

“TELL HIM I’M NOT HOME – Chuck Jackson [Wand #132] 1963 60’s”


We used to buy hit songs on “45 Records.”

“The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation”


Not your usual cartoon, people.

Why we won’t travel to North Korea

Everywhere Once

North Korean Painting of Kim Il Sung

Several weeks ago we wondered aloud whether ethical considerations should factor into our travel decisions. That post prompted a lively debate that helped us refine our thinking on the subject. Since then, fellow travel blogger Wandering Earl has written several thought provoking articles leading up to, and including, his recent trip to North Korea.

We agree with Earl that under normal circumstances the conscientious traveler is a positive force in the world. At our best we are ambassadors, educators, volunteers and economic engines for struggling communities. And it is for those reasons that we encourage people to travel freely and widely. But we also know that while those things are often true, they are not always true.

North Korea stands out as one glaring example of a country that is particularly immune to the benefits travelers normally bring. It’s also a place where tourism has the potential to cause…

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Court Blocks Judge’s Attempt to Undo Rape Sentence

Family Income Not a Factor as Students Eat Free

Sunk Cruise Ship Costa Concordia To Rise from Ocean Floor


Italy’s Civil Protection agency has approved an ambitious attempt to upright the Costa Concordia, a cruise liner twice the size of the Titanic that went aground off an Italian island in 2012 killing 32 people, the AP reports.

Salvagers have already secured the 114,000-ton vessel and built a platform for it to rest on, TIME’s Per Liljas writes. Now more than 500 workers plan to rotate the ship into position before winter.

If they succeed, the Costa Concordia will be towed to a port for dismantling. Monitor the endeavor here.


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Late Night Laughs: The 5 Best Comedy Clips of the Week

PTA May Not Help Students Succeed and Other Fascinating News on the Web


  1. Back to School

    By now, most kids have gone back to school. And that means, many parents have also returned to campus as room parents, school volunteers, or PTA members. But is that a good thing? In Slate, Amanda Ripley wonders whether Americans spend too much time at their kids’ schools. It turns out that parents spend less time in schools in countries where kids are doing better academically. Here’s one mother from Finland (ranked number one in science, number two in reading): “My daughters’ school does not ask me or anyone else to do anything … No money donations — never!” I’m not sure whether I spend too much time at my son’s elementary school. But I definitely plan to be his roommate when he goes to college.

    + Today, parents don’t need to be on campus to keep tabs on their kids. We can now use…

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