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Wake Up, America!

Marathon Bombing Suspect’s Lawyers Want More Time

Death 2.0: Crowdfunding Your Funeral


Please, no flowers. And rather than giving to the charity of your choice in honor of the deceased, how about a donation to help defray funeral costs instead?

As Vicereports, a cottage industry has emerged that uses donations from friends, relatives or anyone else so inclined to help families afford services for their loved ones. While a death might seem like a strangely private affair to open to the public, funeral costs are often more than many families can afford. Fox Business prices the average funeral service at $10,000, and burial services can run an additional three grand. Cremation is cheaper, usually totalling about $4,000, but still more than many families can cobble together — especially on short notice.

Funerals alone are also just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a death’s financial implications. If the deceased was a household breadwinner, or had debts…

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8 Memorable Moments from the Emmys You May Have Missed


Admit it: if you watched the Emmys Sunday night, you were probably multitasking, either sneaking glances at Twitter to see what the snarky pundits were tweeting, or changing channels to watch Breaking Bad for an hour.

But no worries, NewsFeed spotlights the awards show moments that went viral.

Red Carpet Photobomb: In the red carpet shot above, check out Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul’s priceless expression behind co-star Bryan Cranston. Internet, go forth and photoshop that horrified face!

Mic Check Fail: Jimmy Fallon’s mic fell off while tap-dancing during the opening act with 2013 emcee Neil Patrick Harris. Perhaps the 2010 Emmys host was trying a little too hard for an encore.

Get Out of the Way! Turns out the guy who side-stepped off-camera while Neil Patrick Harris was presenting something was Reno 911! comedian Paul Greenberg.

[tweet https://twitter.com/BuzzFeed/status/381960783644487680]

Richard Simmons Memes: The fitness guru, who has become quite the social…

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Want to Find Bigfoot? Now There’s a Map for That


Have you personally seen a Sasquatch? You know, a giant fur-carpeted man-thing striding through the forest like, oh, some guy in a Harry and the Hendersons suit? No? Ever wanted to know where others have reported seeing the mythical creature? Well now there’s a map for that.

(MORE: Snake on a Plane: Unwelcome Passenger Cancels Tokyo-Bound Flight)

Belief in Bigfoot may rank right up there with ghosts, UFOs, the chupacabra and other bits of folkloric moonshine, but if you’ve ever wanted a way to visualize all the public misidentification in one place, dataset guru Joshua Stevens, a Ph.D. candidate at Penn State, has you covered with a stylish new map that pinpoints Bigfoot sightings over the past 92 years.

Why take over 3,000 sightings reported between 1921 and 2013 and turn them into a map? For the fun of it, in so many words, and because Stevens…

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Tunisia Leader Urges Iran to Push Peace in Syria

Expired Food Store Set to Open Next Year


More than 90% — ninety percent! — of Americans throw out food prematurely, as TIME reported last week. Basically, consumers are confused by phrasing like “use by” and “sell by” and so, to be safe, they end up tossing perfectly good produce, snacks and more. In reality, food dating really just indicates when an item is at its peak freshness, not when it becomes inedible.

All of this got Doug Rauch, the former president of the Trader Joe’s supermarket chain, thinking about a potential solution. And now, it seems he might have found one: a market that specializes in preparing and repackaging expired food and selling it at deeply discounted prices. He plans to launch this project, called the Daily Table, next year in Boston’s working-class Dorchester neighborhood, NPR reports.

(MORE: How Two German-Owned Sister Supermarket Brands Became Hot Trendsetters)

“It’s the idea about how to bring…

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Tired of Ted Cruz? – Cartoon #5


Tired of Ted Cruz? – Cartoon #4

Tail Gunner Ted Cruz

Tired of Ted Cruz? – Cartoon #3