ALERT: Pentagon orders employees back. . .

The Washington Post Saturday, October 5, 2013 2:03:00 PM

National News Alert

Pentagon orders most furloughed civilian employees back to work

The Pentagon is ordering most of its approximately 400,000 furloughed civilian employees back to work.

The decision by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is based on a Pentagon legal interpretation of a law called the Pay Our Military Act.

The Pentagon did not immediately say on Saturday exactly how many workers will return to work. The Defense Department said “most” were being brought back.


Western Forces Raid Somali Militant Stronghold

‘Heart Attack Grill’ Owner Proudly Displays Dead Customer’s Remains on TV


The Vegas-based Heart Attack Grill makes no bones about the danger its offerings pose to customers. The restaurant’s name warns diners what to expect if they eat what’s on the menu, and the grill’s 10,000 calorie ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger’ conveys a similarly ominous message. Now, the establishment’s owner has taken his campaign to prove his food’s lethality to the next level by displaying a dead customer’s cremated remains on live television.

On Thursday, Jon Basso, Heart Attack Grill’s well-spoken founder, appeared on Bloomberg’s In the Loop with Betty Liu to discuss his restaurant’s deadly fare. “I’m probably the only restaurateur in the entire world who is unapologetically telling you that my food is bad for you, that it will kill you, and you should stay away from it,” said Basso.

He then revealed a clear plastic bag filled with a powder-like substance. “I’m here with the cremated remains of someone who died at my restaurant…

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Arab World Searches for Democratic Future

‘I’ve Made Mistakes,’ Assad Tells German Magazine

Undercover Cop Was Part of Biker Rally That Beat Driver


A New York City police officer is under investigation after he may have witnessed last Sunday’s beating of an SUV driver by a swarm of bikers.

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Teddy Pendergrass – The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me (Live Hammersmith Odeon 1982)


Oh, Teddy!  🙂

God provides some relief for federal workers.

The House on Saturday unanimously passed a bill that provides back pay for furloughed federal workers during the government shutdown.

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Stephen Colbert Performs “Shutdown Wedding of the Century”


White wedding?

“Democrats tap procedural trick to force House CR vote”




House Democrats will use a parliamentary procedure to try to break a logjam over government funding and bring a “clean” continuing resolution to the floor, according to senior Democratic lawmakers and leadership aides.

Reps. George Miller (D-Calif.) and Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) will attempt to “hijack” an existing Republican bill and file a discharge petition that ripens in just seven legislative days, instead of the normal 30 days

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