“Obama Pushes To Save The Holiday Season For A Million Unemployed People”


By Sam Stein and Arthur Delaney

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday came out strongly in support of extending long-term unemployment insurance past its current expiration date.

Top economic adviser Gene Sperling said in a statement to The Huffington Post there is “no question” that Congress should extend emergency unemployment insurance for the more than 1 million workers who could be affected when benefits expire between Christmas and the New Year.

“We have always done so when unemployment is this high and would make little sense to fail to do so now when we are still facing the burdens of the worst downturn since the Great Recession,” Sperling said. “It is high bang for the buck for the economy, reduces poverty and helps workers who lost jobs due to no fault of their own get back on their feet.”


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“Bea Arthur in The Man in the Moon”


Actor, Jake Gyllenhaal Injured


“The country is doing better than you think”


Eugene Robinson, Opinion Writer
Eugene Robinson, Opinion Writer

The economy is growing much more quickly than expected. Inflation is basically nonexistent. The federal budget deficit has been slashed dramatically. The stock market is reaching all-time highs. One of our long-running wars is over, and the other is winding down. The status of the United States as the world’s preeminent economic and military power is unchallenged.

The sour public attitude toward elected officials in general — and the Republican Party in particular — is understandable. Indeed, the wonder is that pollsters can findanyone beyond paid staffers who will express approval of Congress. And as for the White House, the rollout of the Affordable Care Act does not scream competence and efficiency.


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Bad Role Model – Cartoon #5

Z thomas

Florida 2014

Bell Book Candle

The governor’s race in Florida in 2014 will pit former GOP governor Charlie Crist, now running as a Democrat, against current GOP governor Rick Scott. Since the GOP supported Crist when he was governor, they will be forced to reverse themselves now to attack him. They plan to run a Mitt Romney style campaign, one not limited by facts. In other words, the Scott campaign will lie a lot.

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