Day: November 18, 2013

“Harry Chapin- A Better Place to Be (Live) w/Lyrics”

[This is the cross I carry, Lord. But, you know that.]

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah: old racists ‘have to die’ for progress

By Morgan Whitaker

11/15/13 03:44PM”There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it — in that prejudice and racism — and they just have to die,” Oprah said. read more


GOP Revive Ugly ACA/Katrina Comparison


GOP revives ugly ACA-Katrina comparison
Rep. Karen Bass and Melissa Harris Perry join to discuss why comparing the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act to Hurricane Katrina is so off-base and offensive.

“The silver lining of the Obamacare meltdown”


By Suzy Khimm

Having watched their party descend into chaos over the government shutdown, Republicans aren’t likely to let the fiscal negotiations upstage Obamacare’s problems again. And that could be good news for the Congressional leaders who are struggling to put together a budget agreement by mid-December.

Republicans have seen a huge reversal in political fortune since the government reopened and Obamacare’s problems have taken center stage. “It would argue against not having another shutdown: have Democrats keep shooting themselves in the foot and the president keep giving disastrous press conferences,” says Tevi Troy, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former Bush health official.




New King James Version


JOHN 17:17

Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth


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German Says Nazi-Looted Art is Love of His Life


The German man discovered with a trove of missing priceless paintings looted by Nazis isn’t going to hand over his art without a fight.

Cornelius Gurlitt, 80, told German news magazine Der Spiegel in his first extensive interview that “there is nothing I have loved more in my life than my pictures.” The collection includes paintings by Picasso, Matisse and Renoir.

Gurlitt’s father, Hildebrand Gurlitt, was a dealer commissioned by Nazis to sell illegal works in exchange for hard currency. The missing paintings Gurlitt kept were believed to be lost or destroyed, but a Feburary 2012 routine customs investigation revealed that Cornelius Gurlitt had been hiding more than 1,400 works in his Munich apartment.

Gurlitt maintains his father obtained the paintings lawfully, which makes him the legal owner, but state authorities are investigating him on charges of tax evasion and misappropriation of assets.

[Der Spiegel]

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