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Police Fire on Van Full of Kids After Traffic Stop Gone Wrong


Dashboard camera video shows a Tennessee woman and her 14-year-old son fighting with police during a traffic stop that turned into a high speed chase in October. The video was released by KRQE on Friday and has since gone viral.

Oriana Ferrell  and her five children, ages 6 to 18, were reportedly going on an educational trip in New Mexico when she was pulled over for  driving 71 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to court documents.  When she was initially pulled over, the 39-year-old sped off.  She was later pulled over again, at which time she and her son can be seen getting physical with the officer.

In a newly released dashboard video, police can be seen firing shots on the van as Ferrell sped off again. Ferrell eventually stopped the car in front of a hotel and was arrested and charged with intentional child abuse, fleeing and possession…

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Pennsylvania Pastor Convicted of Violating Church Law After Officiating Gay Son’s Wedding


A Pennsylvania pastor who officiated his son’s same-sex marriage was convicted of breaking church law on Monday.

United Methodist minister Rev. Frank Schaefer was found to have disobeyed the Methodist Book of Discipline by performing the wedding in 2007. Though the church accepts gay and lesbian members, clergy are banned from officiating same-sex marriage ceremonies.

Schaefer was reportedly a month away from reaching the statute of limitations, and he could have avoided the trial by agreeing to not perform any more same-sex ceremonies. He declined, saying three of his four children are gay.

The minister pleaded not guilty and testified on Monday that he felt he was obeying God’s command to minister to everyone.

“I love the United Methodist Church. I’ve been a minister for almost 20 years and there are so many good things about the United Methodist Church except for that one rule,” he said.

As a result…

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