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ObamaCare sign-up date pushed to Christmas 
By Elise Viebeck

Federal health officials announced a delay Friday for people seeking ObamaCare coverage that starts on Jan. 1, 2014.

Rather than signing up for health insurance by Dec. 15, as previously required, these users will have until Dec. 23 to choose their plans.

The policies will still begin on Jan. 1 of next year, said the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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Pope Francis responds to persecution: “No Middle East without Christians”

“Lead Kindly Light”


Lord bless Your Servant John F. Kennedy with salvation.



“John F. Kennedy Funeral November 25, 1963”




White Students Charged With Hate Crime After Allegedly Bullying Black Roommate


Prosecutors in California have charged three white college students with misdemeanor hate crime and battery after they allegedly tormenting their black roommate.

The three freshmen students have been suspended from San Jose State University, university officials said Thursday.

Prosecutors say the students nicknamed their black roommate “three-fifths,” a reference to how slaves were once counted as three-fifths of a person in the United States, the San Jose Mercury Newsreports. They later called him “fraction” after he objected. The students also allegedly clasped a bicycle lock around the student’s neck and told him they lost the key.

“They barricaded him in his room with furniture, they stole his shoes, they created a living environment that was full of hate,” Deputy District Attorney Erin West told an ABC affiliate. Authorities said they found hate-symbols including a swastika and a Confederate flag throughout the freshman dorm suite they shared.


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Charles Manson Has a Girlfriend and You Don’t


America’s favorite boogeyman, Charles Manson, is 79-years-old and will almost certainly spend the rest of his life in prison, but that hasn’t stopped him from winning the affection of a 25-year-old girlfriend.

“Star,” a name given to the woman by Manson, has been visiting the convicted cult leader in prison since she was 19. Star maintains a number of pro-Manson sites, including a Facebook page and a website where Charlie occasionally offers up a sermon via telephone. She recently carved an “X” into her forehead, almost matching his swastika. Now, she says, they’re getting married.

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married,” she told Rolling Stone. “When that will be, we don’t know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this. We haven’t told anybody about that.”

Manson, however, denied reports of the pending…

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Some Glitches as Online Betting Starts in New Jersey

U.N. Court Orders Release of Greenpeace Ship, Crew

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 35th President of the United States

President John F. Kennedy
President John F. Kennedy