Day: November 23, 2013

“A message from the Health Insurers of America”



FCC: In-Flight Phone Use Up to Airlines


Airlines will have the last word on in-flight phone policies, the Federal Communications Commission Chairman announced Friday, responding to backlash over the agency’s proposal to ease restrictions on mobile phones.

“We understand that many passengers would prefer that voice calls not be made on airplanes. I feel that
way myself,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement on the agency’s website. “Ultimately, if the FCC adopts the proposal in the coming months, it will be airlines’ decisions, in consultation with their customers, as to whether to permit voice calls while airborne.”

The FCC announced a proposal Thursday to loosen restrictions on cellphone use on flights, acknowledging that mobile technology does not interfere with flights. The proposal sparked criticism from some lawmakers who said the new policy would be disruptive.

Delta Air Lines plans to continue banning phone use regardless of a new FCC policy, while JetBlue said it would consider the…

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Seattle to Light Up City With Public Pot Party


Seattle residents will light up this holiday season in celebration of the first anniversary of Washington state’s legalization of marijuana.

After a three-month battle, city officials approved a weed festival at the Seattle Center’s old Fun Forest amusement park. Pot advocate Ben Livingston plans to feature light music, food and pot smoking for up to 500 people behind a double fence, or smoking “moat.” The state prohibits people from smoking pot in public.

The free, adults-only event is open to the public.

[The Seattle Times]

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“Guess Which Company Won’t Drop Pork Supplier After Horrific Video Exposes Abuse”



Those of you still eating pork, can you view this video and still want that ham sandwich? Is bacon really so tasty that it’s worth this horrific price?

For those who believe this kind of abuse must be limited to only a handful of facilities, think again. Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle recently told Harper’s Magazine: ”We have never found a facility where there wasn’t abuse. Finding it is not the issue. Our challenge is just to have a camera there when it happens.” [EXTRACT]

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“Etta James – Sugar on the floor”


“Volunteers of America TV Commercial, Helping Others HuHa Ads Zone Ads”

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“Kmart Commercial Show Your Joe Jingle Bells men In Boxers! [Funny Kmart


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