Barenaked Ladies- “Hanukkah, O Hanukkah”


Hanukkah Song


How to Play the Dreidel on Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah! – Cartoon #5

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Happy Hanukkah! – Cartoon #4

Y Hanukkah humor

Meet the Woman Named “Happy Thanksgiving”


Meet Dr. Happy Thanksgiving Reynolds, a woman from Minneapolis who will turn 43 on the holiday that inspired her name, Thanksgiving. The woman’s parents, Thora and Kelly Reynolds, are self-described hippies who wanted an unorthodox name.

“We were very transient. It was the ’70s, so everyone had a different attitude. A lot of times we were moving with other families, so it was like this weird troupe of freaks, and people were just like ‘whatever,’ when they heard my name,” Reynolds told Today.com.

Reynolds says that her name has not impeded her practice. In fact, it’s helped. “I work in family medicine and deal with a lot of kids, so I think it almost sets people at ease, and I am super comfortable with where I come from,” she says. “I think patients are like, ‘Your name is Happy Thanksgiving, so clearly whatever I tell you in this office visit…

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Italy Senate Expels 3-Time Ex-Premier Berlusconi

Rights Watchdog: Syrian Women Exploited in Lebanon

Government to Allow Another Group of Immigrants to Stay

Just Keep Talking: The Filibuster Explained


Everything you need to know about filibusters in the U.S. Senate: the talk-’til-you-drop versions, the so-called “nuclear option” and how even the threat of one can halt the chamber.

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Happy Hanukkah! – Cartoon #3

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Happy Hanukkah! – Cartoon #2