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“Rush Limbaugh and the Long, Sordid History of Pitting Whites Against Blacks in America”


Ian Reifowitz

Author of ‘Obama’s America: A Transformative

Vision of Our National Identity’


Put down your cup of coffee, I’ve got something that’s really going to shock you. This week Rush Limbaugh race-baited. He sought to inflame white fear and hatred of non-whites. Unbelievable, I know. But it’s true. Unfortunately for Rush, the story he presented to his listeners turned out not to be (he fell for a satirical, Onion-style piece posted on a blog, and had to admit on the air that he’d been duped). This kind of race-baiting — whether relying on blatant falsehoods, deceptively presented facts or gross misinterpretations of reality — is something Limbaugh has done countless times throughout his career. More broadly, it is a tactic that the white economic elite, starting with the colonial-era slaveocracy, has employed going back to the time before we had even become a country.


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