Day: December 8, 2013

A “Rainbow Nation” Celebrates Mandela


Disasters tend to be loud and bloody, but success is often quiet — the absence of fighting, the want of an uproar, a lack of fuss. On Sunday, as South Africa came together in a national day of remembrance of Nelson Mandela, his legacy was manifest in the orderly assembly of every color in Africa at a thousand churches, mosques, synagogues and halls.

At St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town — where Desmond Tutu once led his congregation in protest against apartheid and blacks staged hunger strikes against their eviction from the city, and a short walk from where Mandela vowed to fight on for the ideal of equality in his first speech as a free man after 27 years in jail — the “rainbow nation” came together in the pews. A blond girl with a giant rose tattoo on both her shoulders prayed next to a smartly dressed…

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Under the auspices of the U.S. Department of State, Maya Angelou recorded a remembrance  of Nelson Mandela.

Over the past few days since his passing I’ve seen and heard, it seems, countless pieces regarding his life. In my opinion none can compare to what Dr. Angelou put into words. Her poem captures the essence of this historical figure.

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“The Judds – Beautiful Star of Bethlehem”





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