Day: December 11, 2013

This Is the Only Christmas Song You Really Need to Listen to This Holiday Season


Get pumped for the holidays with this glorious all-canine version of The Twelve Days of Christmas, sung by an eight-year-old boy who has trouble pronouncing the more complicated breed names. Here’s the full list of all the dogs he receives as gifts:

  • 12 Bulldogs pawing
  • 11 German Shepherds
  • 10 Labs retrieving
  • 9 poodles dancing
  • 8 pugs-a-breathing
  • 7 Brussels Griffons
  • 6 cold Chihuahuas
  • 5 Golden Retrievers
  • 4 brown pit bulls
  • 3 Frenchies
  • 2 giant dogs
  • a Siberian Husky

We’re not really sure why the breed of the “two giant dogs” is not specified, but we’re mostly concerned that his parents have not gifted him even a single corgi.

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Gulf Nations to Create Joint Military Command

Too Christian?

Bell Book Candle

Rush Limbaugh and others on the Right have criticized President Obama as too supportive of Pope Francis and Jesus on the treatment of the poor. Our secretly Muslim President is too Christian for their tastes.

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Homosexuality is Criminal Again as India’s Top Court Reinstates Ban


In a surprise move, India’s top court on Wednesday reversed a landmark judgment by a lower court decriminalizing homosexuality in the country. The court said that the law regarding homosexuality could only be changed by the government. “The legislature must consider deleting this provision (Section 377) from law as per the recommendations of the attorney general,” Justice GS Singhvi, the head of the two-judge Supreme Court bench said in Wednesday’s ruling.

In 2009, the Delhi High Court had overturned an archaic colonial law (section 377 of the Indian Penal Code) that made gay sex an offense punishable by up to life imprisonment. Wednesday’s decision shocked many because while anticipation was high not many expected India’s top court, which in the past upheld many progressive rights judgments often going against the government and popular discourse, to revoke such a forward looking judgment.

“The Supreme Court, by reversing the 2009 Delhi High…

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Mourning Madiba: South Africans Say Goodbye to Nelson Mandela


In the days since Nelson Mandela died, Johannesburg, South Africa, has been shrouded with rain clouds. According to some African cultures, the rain is a sign of an esteemed elder passing away and being welcomed into the afterlife by his departed ancestors.

On Dec. 10, thousands of rain-soaked South Africans gathered at FNB Stadium, where they danced and sang, cried and celebrated Nelson Mandela’s legacy. The following day, as Mandela’s body was taken to the Union Buildings–the seat of government in Pretoria–the sun shown brightly through the clouds as thousands lined the streets to say farewell to the anti-apartheid leader.

Mandela’s body will lie in state for three days before being taken to his birthplace, the village of Qunu, where he will be buried.

MORE: South Africa’s Memorial Service for Mandela

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President Obama Gets Into the Christmas Spirit By Singing Jingle Bells


At last, President Obama has found a way to fend off the second-term blues: by singing Christmas songs.

Well, kind of. The popular YouTube channel Baracksdubs has carefully spliced together bits and pieces of Obama’s speeches to create the illusion of the commander in chief singing a spirited rendition of Jingle Bells. So no, he didn’t actually sing it for real. Or at least, not that we know of.

The real question here, though: why has the POTUS had the opportunity to say the word “jingle” in not one but two public addresses?

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Russia Adopts Symbol of its Currency, the Ruble

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