Watch the Most Heartwarming Stories of 2013


10. Middle School Football Team Plans Secret Play for Special Needs Teammate

The football players at Olivet Middle School went behind their coach’s back to devise a secret play that would allow Keith Orr, a teammate with behavioral and learning disabilities, to score his first touchdown and enjoy the spotlight.

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9. Jennifer Lawrence Wins Oscar for Best Actress

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Not only did Jennifer Lawrence win over millions of Americans with her quirky personality and lead role in The Hunger Games, she also managed to snag an Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook, adding to a long list of reasons why we all love her so much.

8. Woman Finds Dog in Okla. Tornado Rubble During Live Interview

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When an Oklahoma woman was interviewed while standing in the post-tornado…

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High Court Won’t Look at Bullying in Schools

Never Forget: Benjamin Franklin Was Into MILFs


Here’s something you probably didn’t learn in your American History class: Turns out one of our Founding Fathers was kind of into our Founding Mothers.

When Benjamin Franklin wasn’t pushing up his bifocals to go fly a kite in a rain storm, he was doling out love advice.  In 1745, our nation’s beloved first Postmaster General wrote a letter to a younger friend advising the man “on the choice of a mistress.” In the eye-opening letter —which was not mailed but apparently simply shared for laughs in Ye Olde Locker Room — Franklin suggests the young man marry an older woman because they are both “experienced” and “grateful.”

Franklin went on to defend his thesis statement with cold hard facts, undoubtedly collected through years of field research. Among the many reasons Franklin enumerated as to why the more mature woman is preferable to the more recent additions…

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Teen Girl Brain Dead After Tonsil Removal Goes Wrong


Doctors say a California teenager is unlikely to regain consciousness after a simple procedure to remove her tonsils at an Oakland hospital went horribly awry.

Jahi McMath, 13, went to have her tonsils removed last week at the local Children’s Hospital, where she was expected to stay overnight, the local CBS affiliate reports. But she began bleeding from her nose and mouth after the procedure and then went into cardiac arrest, and doctors say she is now brain dead.

Children’s Hospital said in a statement that it is reviewing the case.

Doctors have told the family that the girl, currently hooked up to a ventilator, will not recover. But family members, who allege that representatives of the hospital have pushed to take McMath off life support, say they want the hospital to keep her alive.

“I am not leaving unless she leaves with me because I will not let…

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Workers at Brazil World Cup Stadium Walk Off Job

Judge OKs Illinois Marriages for Sick Gay Couples

Facebook Is Keeping Track Of Every Post You Write and Don’t Publish


Facebook knows pretty much everything about you — and that includes when you type out posts but decide not to hit “enter.”

But before you freak out too much, know that Facebook isn’t saving the text of these would-be posts (at least not yet). For now, Facebook is merely tracking more general trends related to these unpublished thoughts — or, as Facebook calls it, “self-censorship.”

Sauvik Das, a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon and summer software engineer intern at Facebook, and Adam Kramer, a Facebook data scientist, shared insights into how the social network monitors these posts in a recent paper, Slate reports. Their study, available in full online, collects data from 5 million English-speaking Facebook users, focusing on status updates, posts on other people’s timelines, and comments on posts. Anything you type —  even if you don’t hit “post” — becomes metadata that gets sent back to…

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Facebook Launches New Donate Button Asking People to Put Money Where Their ‘Like’ Is


Facebook rolled out a “donate” button Monday that allows users to put their money where their “Like” is by actually donating directly to nonprofits through the social network.

This is one of Facebook’s best ways of countering the theory of “slacktivism,” the term used for when people ally themselves with a cause on social media but then stop there rather than taking the monetary or volunteering steps necessary to actually exact change. In fact, a study by the University of British Columbia’s Saunder School of Business found that people who are more likely to publicly endorse a platform online are actually less likely to give more meaningful support down the road.

“Sometimes I worry that I will get sick, like my mom got sick,” says the child star in a May UNICEF ad aimed at the slacktivism epidemic. “But I think everything will be alright. Today, UNICEF Sweden has 177000…

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Can Vitali Klitschko, Ukraine’s Revolutionary Heavyweight, Be Its Next President?


The new battleground for Vitali Klitschko, the world boxing champion, is a far cry from the bloodied rings of his prizefighting past. In the past few weeks, the towering heavyweight known in the sporting world as Dr. Ironfist has emerged as a leader of the popular revolt in his homeland of Ukraine — a struggle that has led him to vacate his world title in order to focus on politics. Protesters in the capital, Kiev, are demanding the government’s ouster after it failed last month to move ahead with an E.U. integration deal, and their rallies have made the city’s Independence Square look like the site of medieval siege warfare. Surrounded by riot police, the demonstrators have erected barricades of ice, scrap metal and loose boards, while, over open fires in the square, volunteers stir giant cauldrons of soup and hot tea to help the crowds withstand the blistering cold.

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This Map of Beyoncé-Related Tweets in Real Time After the Album Dropped Is Flawless


When Beyoncé dropped 14 new songs and 17 new music videos completely unannounced last week, the internet exploded. For those demanding proof of said explosion, may we refer you to this awesome map that shows Beyoncé-related, around-the-world tweets that occurred in real time after the album drop? It’s kind of amazing. The East Coast of the US essentially gets consumed in bright purple light (used to indicate geotagged tweets), but Russia was underwhelmed.

Since the new album is all about the visuals — “I see music,” the great and powerful Bey said in a statement — the map seems pretty appropriate.

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