“Before Bridgegate Punished an Enemy, Christie’s Office Rewarded Friends”


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As U.S. Attorney, he was accused of using deferred prosecution agreements to steer no-bid contracts worth millions of dollars to his attorney buddies.
It doesn’t take much more than watching Chris Christie berate a teacher to realize that his claim that he “isn’t a bully” is a lie. Bridegate isn’t really about bullying though. It is about a far more disturbing aspect of Christie’s career.Dating back to his time as the U.S. Attorney for New Jersey, Christie has been willing to utilize his public office to reward allies and punish enemies. While Bridgegate has focused attention on his capacity for punishing his enemies, his no-bid contracts allegedly doled out to friends as U.S. Attorney illustrate Christie’s seeming willingness to use public office to reward his friends. These are two sides of the same coin.

As U.S. Attorney, Christie faced scrutiny for a number of allleged ethical lapses. While the stays at plush hotels earned him a spot in an Inspector General’s report, the way he awarded huge no-bid contracts is the most troubling part of his tenure there. What the Romney vetters probably found in 2012, which helped keep him off the ticket, was that Christie had a habit of using controversial deferred prosecution agreements to award friends’ legal shops with millions in business.