“Who’s who on the ‘Bridgegate’ subpoena list”


By Aliyah Frumin

The investigation into “Bridgegate” was revved up on Thursday when 20 subpoenas were served by a legislative panel to key members of New Jersey Republican Gov. Christie’s administration and campaign.

Democratic Assemblyman John Wisniewski, who is leading the probe into the September lane closures that caused a crippling traffic jam – apparently ordered by Christie staffers, potentially for political retribution – said there’s currently “no intention” to subpoena the governor himself, as no documents have demonstrated a “direct link” to Christie.

Those subpoenaed include current and former Christie administration officials.

Christie is attempting to go about business as usual. On Thursday, he visited the Jersey Shore to tour the Superstorm Sandy relief efforts and met with impacted homeowners. On Friday afternoon, he’ll administer a swearing in for a justice on the state Supreme Court. Then he’ll head to Florida to campaign over the weekend on behalf of Gov. Rick Scott.

The subpoenaed have two weeks to respond to the requests for documents. There is no mandate individuals testify under oath, although that could certainly happen in the future.

Here’s what we know about those who were served: