“Report: Christie knew about lane closings”


By Aliyah Frumin

An ex-Port Authority official alleges that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knew about his aides’ alleged political scheme to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge.

According to the New York Times, the official, David Wildstein released a letter through his lawyer, describing the decision to close the lanes as “the Christie administration’s order.” It added that evidence exists tying Christie – who has denied all knowledge – to the plan.

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Below is the letter from Wildstein’s attorney:

There’s a Right and Wrong Way to Eat a Hamburger, Scientists Say


How to hold a hamburger may seem like second nature to most, but researchers in Japan reportedly spent four months figuring out a better way.

According to Kotaku, the TV show Honma Dekka!? recently hired three experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry, who produced a 3D scan of a hamburger and analyzed it on a particle level.

While most people pick up their burgers with their thumbs on the bottom and their other fingers on top, the trio reportedly argued that burger eaters should have their thumbs and pinkies supporting the bottom bun and their middle fingers spread evenly on top to minimize spillage and maximize the amount of beef patty and bun making it into the mouth.

Kotaku created a GIF of the ideal hold presented on the show, and sure enough, nary a drop of ketchup fell onto the plate.

Hungry yet?

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Court Rules for Transgender Student in Maine Bathroom Dispute


Maine’s high court has ruled that school administrators violated anti-discrimination law when they wouldn’t allow a transgender fifth-grader to use the girls’ restroom.

School officials had said in 2009 that Nicole Maines could only use a staff restroom after a classmate’s grandfather complained. That prompted a lawsuit by Nicole’s family, and the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled Thursday that officials violated state law, the Associated Press reports. Nicole was identified as male at birth but began identifying as female when she was 2.

“It sends a message to my kids that you can believe in the system and that it can work,” said Wayne Maines, Nicole’s father. “I’m just going to hug my kids and enjoy the moment, and do some healing.”

The court concluded that the Orono school district violated Maine’s anti-discrimination law ensuring ensures equal treatment regardless of sexual orientation and gender identification, overturning a lower court’s…

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Funny Or Die: “New York hates Joe Buck”

sylvester – “you make me feel (mighty real)”

“Why the tea party’s influence is waning”



” Obamacare is ‘working all the way around’



“House leaders sell immigration blueprint”


By Seung Min Kim and Jake Sherman


CAMBRIDGE, Md. — The House Republican leadership is trying to sell their colleagues on a series of broad immigration principles, including a path to legal status for those here illegally.

Speaker John Boehner’s leadership team introduced the principles at their annual policy retreat here. Top Republicans circulated a tightly held one-page memo titled “standards for immigration reform” toward the tail-end of a day that include strategy conversations about Obamacare, the economy and the national debt.

In the private meeting where the language was introduced, Boehner (R-Ohio) told Republicans that the standards are “as far as we are willing to go.”

(PHOTOS: House Republican retreat)

“Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that for her caucus, it is a special path to citizenship or nothing,” Boehner said, according to a source in the room. “If Democrats insist on that, then we are not going to get anywhere this year.”

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Just days after his State of the Union address in which he called for Congress to find common ground with him, President Barack Obama sounded less than confident that they could find that common ground.

“I think there are some issues where it’s going to be hard for them to move forward,” Obama said of congressional Republicans, “and I am going to reach out to them and say, ‘Here are my best ideas, I want to hear yours,’ ” Obama told CNN Chief Washington Correspondent Jake Tapper in an interview airing today.

“In no way are my expectations diminished or my ambitions diminished. But what is obviously true is we’ve got a divided government right now,” Obama told Tapper.

The president also discusses whether he can work with Republicans on immigration, whether the Sochi games are safe and legalizing marijuana. Portions of the interview air on “New Day” at 6 a.m. ET and will run in full on “The Lead with Jake Tapper” at 4 p.m. ET.

Amanda Knox’s Ex-Boyfriend Stopped At Italy’s Border


Italian police detained Amanda Knox’s ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito — who, along with Knox, was convicted of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher for a second time on Thursday — near Italy’s border with Austria and Slovenia early on Friday.

Giovanni Belmonte, the cabinet chief of the Udine police station, told the Associated Press that Sollecito was found in a hotel about 40 kilometers from the border. A Florence court sentenced Sollecito, who occasionally made appearances at his and Knox’s retrial, to 25 years in jail for the 2007 murder. A judge in the case ordered him to surrender his passport and identity card, but there was no immediate order for his arrest, reports the AP.

The police who detained Sollecito said they questioned him, confiscated his passport and stamped his identity papers, indicating that he could not leave the country. He was then released. As for Knox, who was…

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