“No end to scandal in sight for Chris Christie”


By Elizabeth Titus and Maggie Haberman


Even the best-case scenario for Chris Christie isn’t pretty: It could take weeks or months to sort out new allegations that he knew more about a growing New Jersey traffic scandal than he has let on, casting an even larger pall over a man thought a few weeks ago to have a decent shot at becoming the next president.

Just when the so-called Bridgegate controversy seemed to be receding slightly, and Christie was set to bask in the limelight of his home-state Super Bowl this weekend, a new claim Friday reignited the scandal into a full-blown media firestorm.

Christie’s onetime ally and appointee David Wildstein claimed the governor ­– contrary to past public assertions – knew about the traffic jam operation in real time. Christie’s office denied it a few hours later, but not before people in both parties were speculating anew about whether Christie’s national ambitions – or for that matter, his governorship – are now in even more serious jeopardy.

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