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Hunted: Russian homophobia is rife



A country known mainly for its vodka, snow and the Winter Olympics, is now known for a series of vicious attacks on homosexuals.

Channel 4’s latest ‘Dispatches’ revealed the true horror behind what it is like to be a homosexual in the European country. The presenter, Liz MacKean, showed viewers the horrendous attacks that homosexuals are regularly subjected to. She began: “(Russia) a place where people are hunted like animals,”.

Under normal circumstances I would suggest that this was melodramatic, and perhaps slightly evading the truth. However, unfortunately, this was not the case. Throughout the programme we saw some serious assaults and homophobic opinions.

“This is Russia. This is hell for homosexuals…they should get used to it.”

Timur Isaev, was the first man we were introduced to, and he held the view that homosexuality was a disgusting way to live. He is part of a group of people called ‘Parents of Russia’ which…

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pundit from another planet

Tumblr has a page dedicated to Toilets of Sochi. We admire dedication.


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Culture Binge

The subtropical resort city of Sochi, Russia lies on the eastern shore of the Black Sea. Palm trees line the streets, and the concept of a polar vortex is foreign to its residents—the average February temperature is a balmy upper-40s Fahrenheit.

An hour’s drive from the city is Krasnaya Polyana, an alpine village in the Western Caucasus mountains that will host the ski events for the 2014 Winter Olympics (Feb 7–23). The district of Adler, 17 miles south of Sochi, is home to the Olympic Park and all its newly constructed venues: the Iceberg figure skating palace; the Ice Cube curling center; Adler Arena, with its oval speed-skating track, designed to look like an iceberg. It’s cute, no?

Sochi has been a Russian vacation destination since the days of Tsar Nicholas II, though its latest round of guests might be even more discerning. Much has been said about

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