Barbra Streisand – “The Way We Were” (In memoriam 2013)

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Can’t buy me vote

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Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seed
Nobody knows the sorrows
Koch brothers’ money and Koch brothers’ agents
Tryin’ to buy me vote
I owe my body to their company stores
Nobody owns my soul
Can’t buy me vote
It ain’t for sale.

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2 Scotts

Bell Book Candle

Two Republican governors named Scott, Scott Walker of Wisconsin and Rick Scott of Florida, are running for re-election in November. Both were elected in the TEA Party surge of 2010, and neither deserves to be re-elected. The citizens of both Wisconsin and Florida deserve better.

Positioning himself to seek the GOP nomination for president in 2016, Scott Walker was written a book entitled Unitimidated:A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge. I have not yet read the book, but I will report on it when I do. The book was published less than three months ago on November 19, 2013, and I noticed something suspicious on Amazon when I scanned the book’s reviews. There are an extraordinary number of reviews on file already and they are deeply divided with only a few in the middle. Currently there are 517 glowing reviews and 211 dead against. Some of the glowing reviews claim…

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“Saved from the hopeless destiny of death” by Dr. Alan Cairns


SERMON:  “Saved from the hopeless destiny of death”

SONG:   “Standing in the need of prayer” by John P. Kee


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